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The modern generation depends on smartphones than anything, they find more comfort from the smartphone than their colleagues, friends, and even family members. For saving time, making knowledge, gathering information and entertainment purpose people are depending on smartphones than any other resource available. Smartphones changed life and lifestyle for a certain extend. In several aspects of our life smartphones imposed strict changes. Of course, it had an impact on our news reading habits also. The new trends dragged us to a new level in reading newspapers. This article will help you choosing the best news app for the android smartphone.

I can say it had become a common practice to depend on smartphones to read newspapers. It was newshunt app started the evaluation, by providing a wide number of newspapers in the same app. Newshunt was widely accepted. But the fact that is that newshunt was only able to make an impact on the Indian subcontinent and African continent because it was having newspapers from these regions only. This fact forces to users to find an alternative for newshunt.

How To Choose Best News App For Android Smartphone

There are some factors that we should consider when you choose best news reader app for the android smartphone. It includes

  • Readability: Fonts used, font size, background color etc makes an app best news reading application.
  • Richness with newspapers:  Every newspaper publishes their news on their own application. If somebody needs to get a separate app for all the newspapers it is not going to be so easy. So our news reading application should be rich with newspapers from across the world.
  • Resource utilization: Nobody is ready to give waste the ram for a utility app. So it also plays an important role in many cases.

Top Best News Reader App for Android Smart Phones

5. Flipboard

On considering as a news reader application, to be frank, it is not so great. But on considering the design and layout, it will force us to stick on it and read the contents.


4. NewsHunt

Best news reading app for android phones. Nice design and interface. But the newspapers availability is limited to certain areas only.


3. Fast News

News reader app suits for android smartphones as well as tablets. Stable and needs only less processor and ram.


2. World Newspapers

Plenty of features to make the users stay on the app. This is the one that worth downloading. But the advertisements may make as not to use it, apart from that everything is perfect.


1. Global News & Newspapers

Around 6K newspapers from 112 countries. A number of customization options. This the best news app for android smartphones with tons on downloads and great reviews.


Plenty of new apps are arriving daily to the market and we will update you on that. Just share your views on news reading app that you are using and what difference you find on comparing them with those discussed here.

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  1. thanks for shearing such a wonderful article with us, and these are best and needed app in every android phone, these apps are really helpful for me to get updated with everything.

  2. Hi Jithin.

    Good alternatives for newshunt app!

    Great job!

  3. Hi Akhil,

    This is a wonderful collection of Smartphone Apps. I have used the “Flipboard” previously and it was fantastic.

    I will soon check out the other ones. Thanks for the nice collection.

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