How To Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Sony Xperia Ray

How To Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Sony Xperia Ray

Jelly bean for Xperia ray st18i..! Yes, that’s possible. This tutorial that will guide you to install Jell Bean 4.1.2 on your Xperia ray smartphone. We all know that Jellybean is not officially released by Sony and it will never going to happen in the future! Sony already announced that Sony Xperia ray’s final version is Ice-cream Sandwich (ICS). Sony Xperia ray’s last official release is ICS 4.0.4. So I was really unhappy because my phone will never get jelly bean update. But, now my Xperia ray is running on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 without any issues! The unbelievable truth is, now my phone is running better that the earlier version of android. I’m fully satisfied on Jelly Bean.

Jelly bean for Xperia ray st18i

This Jelly bean custom ROM is having so many features and is running smoothly on my phone. For the past two months, I’m using this jelly bean custom ROM. This custom ROM is developed by Harsh Singhvi for xda-developers. He gave the name “Super Jelly Bean” to this custom ROM. Now Super Jelly Bean 6.0 is released with so many new features. You can read the changelog here.

About This Tutorial

Actually this is an extreme beginners tutorial for the users who never installed/used any custom ROMs. So, this tutorial will guide you from A to Z needed steps to install this custom ROM in your Xperia ray android smartphone. So, come with me, let’s start.

Requirements & Instructions Before Going To Do Any Steps:

1. Phone Must Be Rooted.

Note: If your phone is not rooted, Read this article: How To Root Sony Xperia Ray With Android 4.0.4 In 5 Minutes

2. Download Super Jelly Bean 6.0 Custom ROM Files: (Link Updated On 28/Jun/2014)

                                    1. Super Jelly Bean 6.0

                                    2. gapps-jb-20130624-sjb


3. Android SDK

4. Fastboot driver.

5. Important: Backup your contacts and data to the computer.

6. Your device must have a minimum of 80% of charge.

7. Enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

I hope you followed the above steps. So, let’s move on.

Video Tutorial For Installing Jelly Bean On Xperia Ray:

How To Unlock The Bootloader of Sony Xperia Ray?

Step 1: Bootloader Unlocking

We have to unlock your bootloader to install a custom ROM. If you already unlocked the bootloader, you can skip this step. If not, follow these instructions. If my steps are not clear, just go to google and type “unlock bootloader of Xperia ray“, and fine a good tutorial for unlocking the bootloader.

  • I hope you already downloaded the Android SDK, it’s in .zip format, so you will need 7zip or WinRAR to extract it. So, extract the files.
  • Run “SDK Manager.exe” and choose “Tools” and “Extras”. Click “Install x packages” and “Accept all”.
  • Wait until all packages will be installed.
  • When all packages are downloaded and installed, go to sdk/platform-tools/ and check you have adb and fastboot is there.
  • Now, go to and read the instructions carefully.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click Start unlocking the bootloader.
  • Type *#*#7378423#*#* and go to Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status.
  • If you can see Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes, you can continue to the next step. But, if you see Bootloader unlock allowed: No, Do not continue.
  • When you reach the Create unlock boot loader key request page, just fill the forum with your Name, IMEI, and Email. [Don’t use the fake email address, because your unlock-code will be going sent to this email address].
    If you can’t submit the forum, remove the last digit of your IMEI code and try again!
  • After few moments, you will receive an email from Sony with you Unlock-code. Don’t delete the email or don’t lose the unlock-code until you unlock the bootloader.

Hurray! It’s time to unlock the bootloader!

  • Download the Fastboot Driver file [Check requirements above]. Extract the file (android_winusb.inf) and copy to Android SDK>extras>google>usb_driver and replace it.
  • Turn on the device by pressing the Fastboot button and connect it to the PC with a USB cable.
    Note: To connect the Xperia ray device in fastboot mode, press and hold the Volume Up button while connecting to the PC. Blue LED light will turn ON, so this means that your device is connected in Fastboot mode!
    More details about Fastboot buttons of different phone models are given in Sony help page.
  • On your computer, you will be asked for drivers. Point to the usb_driver folder where you placed the android_winusb.inf-file, and select the Android Boot loader Interface-file.
    Note: If your PC is already having the driver, it won’t be asked. Then, you can skip this step!
  • Then, Go to Android SDK>platform-tools> and press and hold shift button on free space and right click and select “open command window here”. Then copy fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version to the command prompt and verify that you get a response back (for example “0.3”). This means your device is connected properly. See the below image: Then close the command prompt.
  • Last and final step: Re-open the command prompt like the above step and paste the command fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY replace the KEY with you unlock-code, and press enter.
  • Congratulations! Your bootloader was unlocked! Turn on the phone, don’t worry, it may take some time to turn on.
  • Please note, now phone settings are currently restored. So, turn on the USB debugging once again.

Step 2: Installing ROM Manager App

We need to install an application to install Clockworkmod in our Xperia ray smartphone.

  • Download and install ROM manager from Google Play.
  • You can use your PC to download and install ROM Manager. See my video tutorial for more details.

Step 3: Copying Files To SD Card

  • Connect your phone to the PC in mass storage mode.
  • Copy the zip files to your SD card (Super Jelly Bean 6.0 and gapps-jb-20130624-sjb Note: Don’t extract the files into the SD card.
  • Disconnect the cable from PC.

Step 4: Installing ClockworkMod

  • Turn on the phone & open ROM manager.
  • Open ROM Manager and Install ClockworkMod Recovery. See the below step-by-step screenshots for detailed explanation.
  • Select Recovery Setup option in ROM Manager:

Jelly bean for xperia ray

unlock bootloader of xperia ray

jelly bean for xperia ray st18i

Click “Yes”

unlock bootloader of xperia ray

Select ClockworkMod 2.x

jelly bean for xperia ray st18i

Step 5: Flashing Fusion Kernel

I have already seen the CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean 4.1 firmware in my friend’s phone, he is not satisfied with that firmware. But, this version is very stable and having better performance than the CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean 4.1. So, let’s start flashing our Fusion Kernel.

  • Turn off the device and connect your device to PC in fastboot mode.
  • Copy urushi_fusion_5.4.img to Android SDK>platform-tools directory.
  • Open command prompt from that directory [In the platform-tools directory, press and hold shift button on free space and right click and select “open command window here”.]
  • Type fastboot flash boot urushi_fusion_5.4.img and press enter. You will get a “Finished” message after the successful completion of flashing.

Step 6: The Final Step – Installing Jelly bean and gapps

  • Turn on the phone and boot into the recovery. To get into the boot recovery, Press power button to turn on the device, then press volume down button few times while the phone gets booted.
  • After getting into the recovery, go to backups and restore>backup to take a backup of your current ROM.
  • Then wipe data, wipe cache, wipe Dalvik cache (advanced>wipe Dalvik cache)
  • After wiping, select install zip>Super Jelly Bean 6.0 and confirm the install process.
  • After installing, select install zip>gapps-jb-20130624-sjb and confirm the install process.
  • Next step is to turn off the device. So, select power options>power off.

Tip: To navigate options you can use your volume up and volume down buttons. To select use the home button. To go back, use the back button.

Note: After the installation process, allow the rom to settle for at least 15min, then turn on the device as usual. It may take some time for the first boot. If you have any issues in booting, repeat the Step 6 one more time.

Congratulations!! You successfully installed jelly bean on your Sony Xperia Ray Smartphone!

So, now I’m waiting for your response. Let me know if you completed these steps successfully. Having any issues? Feel free to comment here!

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  1. hello

    after doing all the steps my phone hangs at startup with SUPER JELLYBEAN logo and no longer responds

    please help

    1. Hi gabou.

      Don’t worry! Same happened for me the first time. Just do the last step one more time and wait for atleast 5 to 10min for the first boot. It will definitely work. Still you have issues, please let me know.

      1. same happened to me after doing last step again and again,please help me

      2. my phone still showing super fusion logo, last step tried many time

      3. my Xperia Ray is showing Fusion Logo again and again (Blinking), i repeated the last step many time but not cleared yet ,please help me

        1. Hi Muneer!

          The new update is released and the latest version will definitely satisfy you.

          May be your case is an exception. I’m very sad to hear this.


      4. Hi akhil,

        My phone is xperia neov. will this ROM work for my phone?
        If yes what is the greatest risk in flashing custom ROM. I am using banking apps also. Is there any risk related to hacking and monetary loss in doing this?


        1. Hi Uday.

          Thank you for your valuable comment. “Now” I’m trying to install jelly bean in sony xperia neo v (on my friend’s phone), If it is a success, I will update you and I will create an article on Upgrading sony xperia neo v to jelly bean. So, I’m kindly requesting you to wait just 12hr maximum.


          1. Hii Akhil,

            I will be more happy if you advice for installing KitKat also on xperia Neo V.

            thanks in advance

          2. Sure. I will help you. Please wait 2 days for that article 🙂

  2. Thanks, works perfect for me.
    but google search widget at the homescreen doesn’t works well, it’s hangs after few second launch,
    nevermind, i’ll not use that.
    but afterall this is great, i’ll explore more.

    1. Hi Reza.

      I’m very happy to know this.

    2. confirm : update google search fix the problem. thnks

      1. Sorry for that. In my case, I can use Google Search without any issues. I don’t why this issue occurred in your phone. Well, what are all the apps you installed(no default apps)? Did you update the Google search app?

  3. Installed jelly bean on my xperia ray! I have referenced lot of article to do boot-loader unlock, nothing worked for me. But, this is the perfect tutorial i was searching. Thanks a million Akhil. You really explained everything!

    Thank you so much, do you accept donation to NetMascots?

    1. Hi Kevin

      Welcome to

      Really glad to know that. Thanks for following my tutorial. Currently I’m not accepting donation to NetMascots.

      If you like NetMascots, promote us on facebook, twitter etc

      1. I spent most of 2 days trying to get this to work. Many guides assumed I knew some not so obvious things. You understand how many of us need a guiding hand. I’ve loaded Cyanogenmod on other phones and it is never easy. This install seemed impossible until I found your step-by-step guide. Thank you so much.

  4. I was looking for step tutorial to flash my xperia ray to jellybean, I will try this today. Does google now work fine with this rom?

    1. Hi Deepak.

      Yes, Google works fine in this ROM.Don’t worry.

      1. акхил помогите правильно установить jelly bean на sony xperia ray
        плиз ))

        1. Hi.

          Can you make it in English?


  5. i would like to try this SJB on my Ray, but before that i just wondering does this ROM will wipe all of my data? if yes, can i backup all of my data with titan backup?


    1. Hi Choe!

      Hope you are doing well. Warm Welcome To NetMascots!

      Yes, we need to wipe all data, so take a full backup to your PC and start the proceed.


      1. yeah thank you..

        i have another question, i watch the said the SJB needs to move to SD card, what if someday i want to upgrade my SD card, does it effect “something” ? ..sorry for stupid question i am a real noob..

        thank you for your help

        1. Hi Choe.

          This is not a stupid question Choe. This a common question. Well, If you changed your sd card, this will not cause any issues to your Jelly Bean. We are just using those “two zipped files” only for the “installation purpose”. After installation, you can delete those files from your SD card. I hope your doubt has been cleared.

          Please don’t hesitate to ask queries here. I’m always happy to solve your issues.


  6. hello

    after following all the steps my phone hangs at start up with SUPER JELLYBEAN logo and no longer responds.Idid try and redo step 6 but still waiting any suggestions on what to do?

    please help

    1. I have already mentioned this issue in the article. After installing JB, please start after 15min. If this didn’t worked, please do the last step. In your case, you already tried that. So, please remove the battery for 5min and try to turn on your device..

  7. Its working perfect. Thanx

    1. Hi.

      I’m very happy to hear that, and thank you very much for spending your valuable time to comment here.

  8. hello im newbie here..i have succeeded install jelly bean on my ray. however, can i get back to my old ray..? to ICS 4.0.4,re unlock the bootloaer, get back to the original kernel??

    sorry for my bad english

    1. Hi Dedy!

      Welcome To NetMascots.

      Just update your phone via sony pc companion or flash your phone with the original kernal from sony support forum. This will restore your phone to ICS.

      1. thank you.. I will try it.

        1. Glad to hear that. Feel free to ask your queries here.

  9. Pls. help me. i happen clockworkmod error. how to do this error ? Pls explain. Thanks.

    1. Hello Mr.linhlaingoo

      Just lockworkmod error? Can you provide me the error message? Did you rooted your phone? The clockworkmod can only install after rooting.

  10. Hi,

    I have Cmod 9.1 on my Xperia ray, with CWmod recovery already installed and working. Can I just use this to flash Super Jelly Bean i.e. skip to Step 6? Thanks

    1. Hi Cormac.

      Welcome to NetMascots.

      Yes, just flash Super Jelly Bean and install gapps..So, you can proceed to step 6. If you are having any issues, feel free to ask here..

  11. I have tried unlocking the boot loader following your steps, i have followed all steps and i have connected my phone in fastboot mode, once after i copied fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version and pasted in the command prompt, i am not receiving any response and it is showing waiting for device (when my phone is connected to PC blue LED turned on), suggest me to proceed.

    1. Hi Yasar.

      Try the same procedure after restarting your PC. Sometimes we need to restart the PC after the installation of driver.

  12. hi akhil..
    i’ve followed this turorial, works perfect..
    can we update to sjb 7 ?
    will wait your next instruction. thnks

    1. Yes, I just Updated. Going to publish an article toady about this update!

      1. i still can’t find your new update article, please give me the link sir.

        thank you very much.

        1. The article is still not published. Because, I will never recommend my readers to use that update! Here are the reasons:

          1. Not stable.
          2. TONS of bugs.
          3. Phone is restarting when running apps.
          4. Screen is not resuming after locking the phone!
          5. Freezing in most of the time.
          6. And much more!

          I’m strongly recommend you to stick on the old version (6.0). By the way, I’m installing a new update. Let me try that too and I will publish a review with tutorial on Dec 2 or Dec 3. So, kindly wait for my article.

  13. hello akil , i want help your pls join my facebook , i have xperia ray , i want install cm10 , you are really brilliant man

    1. Hello Muneerbalery!

      Thanks for your interest. I will help you. I’m going to start NetMascots Forum. So, You can ask for instant help. Please wait for 10 days. I will inform you via email.


  14. Super Jelly Bean 6.0
    Not found in the link.pls reupload.

    1. Oh! Sorry! I’m uploading…Please wait..

  15. Dear Akhil,

    Super Jelly Bean 6.0 is not in ur link.pls re upload it.

    Many thnaks.

    1. Hi Roshan.

      I have re-uploaded the file. Please check it now.


      1. Dear Akhil,
        Thnx i’m downloading it.i’ll let you know what happen.


  16. Btw,is there any Bugs on this ROM?

  17. Dear akhil,

    i also using xperia ray. Facing problem off less internal memory can.
    What can i do 4 that Please help??

    1. Are you using JB or ICS?

      1. now USing ICS but not more
        thanks for your all this site really Good work

  18. Hi
    I followed all steps till step 5.But after getting “Finished” in step 5,and turning on the phone while holding the down volume few times does nothing.The fusion logo appears but,after that no response from phone.I tried repeating the step 5 again.Removed battery and tried again..Really lost.Kindly help.

    1. Hi Karthik.

      While restarting the phone, repeatedly click down volume button “several time”. Not holding the key pressed while restarting. If you unlocked the bootloader properly, you can easily get inside the recovery options.

      1. Hi Akhil
        Thanks for the tip.Finally upgraded my Ray to Jelly bean.This was one of the easiest method by far after searching so many forum.Hope to get kitkat update from u soon..Thank a lot.u Rock

        1. Hi Karthik.

          Hope you are doing fine!

          I’m very happy to know that, my tutorial helped you in installing jelly bean. Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to comment here.


  19. Dear Akhil,
    I did it on my first try.thx alot bro…..u are guineas…………………..This Rom Is Superb……………btw,i hope u’ll inform us about any new ROM upgarads…..


    1. Hi Roshan.

      Thank you very much for your valuable comment, and I will definitely update you about the new updates. Don’t forget to subscribe us!


  20. Hey,
    can i use step-6 Flashing Fusion Kernel with help of xperia flashtool
    coz i don’t have android sdk if yes then tell me process

    1. Hi Sunny!

      I’m really sorry for the late reply. I was busy with my university exams.

      Well, Here are the simple steps to flash the kernal using flashtool:

      1. Cop the kernel urushi_fusion_5.4.img to Flashtool>>firmwares directory
      2. Staet flashtool software.
      3. Press the flash button.
      4. Choose “Fastboot Mode” when a window is popped.
      5. Turn off your device.
      6. Now connect your device to fastboot by pressing the button right to menu button.(The led must turn to blue)
      7. On Fastboot Toolbox click on “Select kernel to Flash”.
      8. Wait to complete and you are READY!

  21. The download link for gapps-jb-20130624-sjb is dead ,can I/we use gapps-jb-20131511 sjb insted of gapps-jb-20130624-sjb ?

    1. Hi.

      I’m adding all the necessary files to my resource section.You can easily download all the needed files from the resource section within 2 days.


  22. Hey Akhil,
    when i am on step 5. it says root access required
    but my RAY is already rooted and unlocked bootloader.
    can i flush it using flush tool ??
    can i use fusion kernal 5.5 ??

    1. Hi Sunny!

      I’m going to post an article for the latest version 7.0 and 8.0 with a comparison. I will never suggest you to use kernal 5.5 in the version JB 6.0. Please wait 2 more days for the article publish. Don’t forget to subscribe my newsletter to receive updates!


  23. Hi Akhil,

    i just followed your Video post and tried to flash my mobile, But i missed the 4th step. ( which was also not there in Video ) and proceeded with 5th step ( Flash boot command ). Now my phone is hung up and it is not showing anything, ( Fusion logo came up at the start and now dark screen ). Please help me out from this. Awaiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Sandeep.

      Actually the 4th step is very important. You have to install clockworkmod for the proper working of jelly bean. So, I’m requesting you to repeat the steps one more time, and please note that. After installing GB, allow at-least 15-min to settle the ROM. Then you can turn-on your ray!


      1. Thanks for the reply Akhil,

        I believe there will be some old version of cwm installed in the mobile by default, ‘coz as you said, i tried installing JB one more time ( and it was showing CWM 3.5 version, something like that ) and after 15min or so, the phone booted properly. Now it is working fine, and very much faster than ICS. I was waiting for something like this. Thanks for the upload, and i hope you will also upload if you get a faster ROM than this,

        Thanks once again.

        1. Hello Sandeep.

          I’m very happy to know that. By the way, I’m glad to say that, the new version of JB is released and the review article will be published today. So, read my review and take decision!


          1. I’m glad to hear the news. Waiting for your review.. 🙂

  24. You are really a genius. Thank you so much Akhil.

  25. Works great…
    Thanks a million.

  26. thanks alot for all your great job i mad afatel mistache i forget step number 4 and go to falsh it from number step 5 so and even forgot to make backup and i follow step 4 so i wipe every thing even the usb sd card every thing and falshed it again and it’s work and i will try again just share my test

  27. the probem show up again every thing is ok but when it start configrations to enter the system it freezed
    when i connected to pc read it as experia neo v not experia ray
    recoverd again from tft file on my computer

  28. wipe data / factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    wipe dalvik cache
    in mounts and storage , wipe system , data and cache
    6.Flash Super Jelly Bean Rom
    8.Flash the patch for your respective devices. very very important
    7.Flash gapps , Provided in download page
    9.Let the rom settle for 15 to 20 minutes
    10.Reboot at least once in 2 days

    1. Hi Khaled.

      I was busy with the server migration. Now NetMascots is running on a very fast server.

      Well, I hope JB works fine on your phone. If you have any queries, feel free to ask here.


  29. Hey Akhil! Thanks for the guide!
    I’m a total newbie at this, so the guide helped me alot.
    After a “succesfull” install, following your guide, my touchscreen dosen’t respond correctly (it hardly responds).

    Do you have any idea why? Am i doing something wrong?

    I’ve repeated step 6 several times, without luck.

    I’ve now flashed the sony firmware and the touchscreen works again, so it is working..

    Hope you can help me
    Regards Calle

    1. Hi Calle.

      I’m sorry for the late reply. I was busy with my exams. This is a very rare issue. Well, did you tried the latest version of jellybean? Check this latest version of Jelly Bean for Sony Xperia Ray


  30. Is there any way to change Bootloader unlock allowed: No to Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes?

    1. Hi John.

      Oh! This is very rare. Well I have found some solutions on other sites. Try this search on google:


  31. Hi Akhil

    Thank you very much for this update.
    Works like a charm as you detailed all the steps perfectly.

    Somehow i’m having trouble in using the camera and camcorder app.
    As for the camera, i couldn’t use the flash.
    And for the camcorder, i couldn’t change the resolution.

    So i tried install other camera app includes the camcorder such as snap or camera JB as an alternative…but both didn’t work well because each time the camera or camcorder start using the apps, the screen showed green blink with many noise.
    Though if i take a photo or record a video the result were good, but the problem lies only on the screen while using the apps.

    So i wonder if you can suggest the best way to install other camera apps without having such an issue.
    Again, many thanks and great works.

    1. Hi Haya.

      Thanks for trying my tutorial. Your all issues are resolved in the latest update. Please update your ROM now:


  32. I installed it, working well, quite fast as compared to stock BUT Play store is not working

    1. Hi FAS.

      Play store is not working?? Looks very odd! Try to clear the “app data” of play store from settings and try again. This may help you. Because, some data error may cause this issue.

      Try it and please update me.


  33. big thx bro this is great ,the only problem is the camera flash doesnt work any idea?

    1. Hi Wisaam.

      This is a major drawback of our xperia smartphones. I don’t know why sony removed this feature. So, our hardware doesn’t support flash during camera shot. This is not a ROM issue.

      Anyway, we can only turn on/turn off the light continuously during taking photos or videos.

  34. Hey,
    sorry to bother, but i have a problem. In the 5th step when i open the command window, write there that “fastboot flash boot urushi_fusion_5.4.img” kind of a thing it tells me that “device must be rooted first” but i have rooted Ray, i went through your own tutorial for rooting Ray, rooting was succesful and SuperUser is in my appdrawer. Can you hep me please?

    1. Hi Bob.

      I’m really very sorry for this issue happened to you. As you said, I think your phone is rooted. But I don’t know, why is this happening to you. So, here are my suggestions.

      1. Ensure that, USB Debugging is enabled.

      2. If you are flashing with SDK, try with “latest flashtool” method:

      3. Did you unlocked the bootloader properly?

      4. Did you connected your phone in fastboot mode?(A blue LED will be seen)

      Try these suggestions and reply me.


  35. if i install 4.1.2 & i will face any problem…so what can i do??
    can i downgrade 4.0 or 2.3??
    plz help

    1. Please wait for the “downgrade procedure” tutorial.

    2. You can now easily downgrade to original ROM. Read this article: How To Restore Original ROM On Xperia Ray

  36. Excellent tutorial.. I followed and now have JB on my Xperia Ray.
    Just to notes to take into account.

    – the usb_driver its only needed on Windows on Linux and iOS its not needed
    – after unlocking the boot-loader the phone boots and resets to factory default so you lose your configuration. Its important to backup it previous this step.

    One thing interesting to its that my phone AnTutu benchmark was 4700 aprox. previous the upgrade and now its 5400! (with the same applications running)

    1. Hi Marco.

      Thanks for the comment, and happy to hear your response.


  37. emh…
    after following step 5, i can’t go into cwm recovery, repeated 5x flashshing this kernel make confused
    please..any suggest


  38. Thanks…………
    Great Article
    I have Updated my Xperia Ray

    1. Hi..

      Really happy to hear that.

      Thanks for the comment.


      1. Hi!
        as my previous comment I have updated my Xperia Ray in Jelly Bean, i have also changed my bootanimation but I want to relock bootloader again because my phone is starting with FUSION Display.

        1. Hi.

          If you want to install custom ROM, then you have to use a custom kernel. So, the boot animation will change according to the kernel. Anyway, If you want to restore your stock ROM of xperia ray, then follow this tutorial :How To Restore Original ROM On Xperia Ray


  39. hello akhil..i have complete your tutorial and now my experia ray is 4.1 jelly bean..thank you…just i want to ask you..if i want to flash other rom…which step i must repeat??? thank you very much for your tutorial.. 😀

    1. Hi nazmi.

      Hope you are doing great.

      Well, you can try any Custom ROM by flashing the needed kernel and install the ROM .zip file.


  40. hey bro
    when i connect my xperia in fastmode i got notification that usb is not recognize in windows 8

    1. Hi Saad.

      Looks like the needed drivers for sony xperia ray are not installed on your PC. Choose any of these options.

      1. If you are running genuine windows, turn on automatic driver installation from “windows update options”. Then, try to reconnect the device once again. Windows will automatically find the needed drivers and install.


      2. Download Latest Flashtool Software and install it. Then go to “C:Flashtooldrivers” folder and install “Flashtool-drivers.exe” and select “xperia ray” from the list while installation. This will automatically install all needed drivers needed for our sony xperia ray.

      Hope this will resolve your issue.

      I’m waiting for your reply.


  41. Hello Akhil,
    Thank you for this great tutorial. Very helpfull, 5 stars. I did all step by step and everything works perfectly and my phone seems to be more faster than before!

    Maybe you know how to solve problem that this phone doesnt recognize my headphones (accessory not supported). When i bought this phone i used these headphones and there were no problems. After about 6 months my battery started to drain very quickly, in about 1 day IDLE. I solved this problem, it was software issue. I reinstalled OS and battery life improved dramatically, about 3-4 days now, but phone started not to support any accessories except original SE headphones.

    Thanks again for this topic,

    1. Hi Valts.

      Welcome to NetMascots. First of all, thank you so much for following my tutorial, and I’m very happy to know that, you are fully satisfied.

      Now comes to your issue, “accessory not supported” is an error message occurs whenever the phone software or accessory is not supporting to the hardware of the phone. Actually, I’m using the headset from the “beats by dr dre”. It may little bit costly, but It Rocks!!

      I think, the issue is with your headphone port or your headphone. Did you tried any other headphones? If any other headphones is working, then the issue is with your headphone. If other headphones are also not working, then the issue is with your headphone jacket. Then you have to go to any nearest sony support centre. Hope this helps.



  42. Hi Akhil,
    Thank you for your response.

    Yes i tried 3 different sets, my computer set, original SE headphones and my Thomson headphones.
    The only ones which worked were SE headphone (because it is the only one with mic wiring i guess), but the sound was strange. When there were no music playing, it made some noises and music sounded like the jack wasnt plugged in completele Now i opened my phone to see whether the jack port is not damaged or dirty. Cleaned everything but looks like connector places are a bit damaged ( maybe burnt). I remembered what could be the cause of this problem, i once tried to connect my phone to my BMWs stereo ( old NAVI- cassette one) I suppose that the current was too high (or i did something wrong lol) and burned connector slots. Life is a lesson, you never learn if you never do.
    But the phone is still great even now without possibility to listen to music.

    Best wishes,


  43. hye akhill, just wanna ask you..can we install sony bravia engine after we flashing other rom in our experia ray?? can you write the steps..thank you..:)

    1. Hi Nazmi.

      It is under development stage. I will inform you when it is complete. So, don’t forget to subscribe my newsletter.


  44. hi akhil. i followed all your instructions. and now JB logo is animating for 1 hour already. how long should i wait before it goes to home screen? any suggestions? thanks!

    1. Hello Yuri.

      This is a common mistake done by the most of my readers. After installing the ROM/Flashing the ROM, you have to wait atleat 15min to 20min for ROM settlement. So, do this:

      1. Turn-off the device(If not possible, remove the battery) for 5 minutes.
      2. Turn-on the device.

      If the above steps is not working, then repeat the last step (step 6).

      And, I’m extremely sorry for this trouble happened to you. If you have any issue, please fell free to ask here.


  45. It works. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Marija.

      Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear that, my tutorial helped you.

  46. After installed jellybean…. can i unroot my xpreia ray?

    1. Hi Nazmul.

      Currently it is not possible. But, you can expect in future updates.


  47. sir i tried all the steps ,but i not able to do last step as while i m not getting the option to wipe data and cache as my phone always show black screen after rebboting

    1. Hi.

      To proceed with the last step, you need to boot into the recovery. For that, you have to press the the power button and turn on the device. After pressing the power button, you need to press the volume down button few times when the phone is getting turned on. Then only you can see the options for doing the last step. Please follow this and hope this will help you to resolve your issue.


  48. there is no google file in Android SDK>extras>google>usb_driver… please brother help me as soon as possible. i try this 3 times. 🙁

    1. Hi Gayan.

      Don’t worry.If the file is not there, you not need to worry, just download the Fastboot Driver file and paste that file in this location: Android SDK>extras>google>usb_driver


      1. how to install drivers to using sdk ??

        1. just open ans select the files listed on the sdk and click update…that’s it.

          1. I’m installed jelly bean but android market not in …
            Plz give me android market zip file…

          2. It is already included in the gapps. Did you installed the “gapps” package?

  49. i unlock bootloader..
    How to Install CyanogenMod on your Xperia zip file plz pach video link or comment..

    1. hai lakshan
      follow the instruction
      go to the link given below and download it
      after download gapps and cm10.2
      then watch below link

    2. hey plz dont download cm11
      because below the following things are not working
      any browser,messaging,many apps on playstore
      i was experinced in cm11 it was worst
      but cm10.2 is more better than that
      all are works on that cm10.2

      1. Thanks bro….

  50. hai akhil plz help me,now i am in cyanogenmod 10.2(legacy xperia),its was running.
    today i do the mistake that is i download the on xda
    and copy to sd
    then go to cwm and do usual procedure(wipe data,wipe dalwik cache,install cybershot) after that
    i swith on the mobile,it was still in cyanogenmod logo
    now what can i do????????

    1. Hello Yogarajan.

      By the way, you are using the cyanogenmod “unofficial version” right? Try to use the latest stable version and try once again.


  51. thank akhil
    but what’s difference between stable version and unstable versn

    1. Hey.

      Read more info about the CyanogenMod for the Xperia Ray from the given below link. From there you can easily collect more detailed information about on cyanogenmod stable and unstable versions.

      Thank you so much for asking queries here. I really appreciate it.

  52. thank u so much!!!!

  53. what is the purpose of rooting?
    i am sorry am not much knowledge about that,
    i am just install rom by see step by step instruction on website,and
    i am not know the meaning about rooting,flashing,etc…

    1. Hi.

      You can get the full details of android rooting, flashing, ROMS, Firmwares etc by reading this article:

      Everything You Need to Know About Rooting Your Android Phone

      Hope this helps.


  54. hye akhil..can you write a article how to increase internal memory using on experia ray..sorry i have read the article on other web..but i dont understand the step. tq 🙂

    1. Hi Nazmi.

      Let me collect some details about this. If increasing RAM methods are secure,then I will make a tutorial as soon as possible.


  55. Hi akil, when i got stucked in step 1, “Go to Android SDK>platform-tools> and press and hold shift button on free space and right click and select “open command window here”. Then copy fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version to the command prompt”
    I don’t get a response back .. just
    whats wrong with this?help me please T.T

    1. Hi Jodie.

      Can you provide a screenshot of your cmd window?


  56. now i’m in step 6..
    still in progress

    1. Hi Jodie.

      Keep going:)

  57. Does the phone have to have an unlocked bootloader I mean my xperia ray can have it but I have issues with Android SDK manager

    1. Hi Methan.

      I’m not getting your point. Can you please explain your query?


  58. Hello Akhil, During bootloading whenever I enter the command “fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version”
    in command prompt, it shows ” and nothing happens. What should I do now? Also one more thing, when I connected my phone in fastboot mode it didn’t asked for drivers as you mentioned above. I even install the drivers using FLASHTOOL DRIVERS APPLICATION but even then the same problem persists. Please help me!

  59. When I run SDK manager a comand window just opens and closes every time

      1. I am facing the same issue as “adam” & I can’t understand what to do after that written on the alternative link you provided. I think that is quite another issue which have no relation with this. that is “How to flash custom kernel”. But after that, what I am supposed to do. I mean, after finishing that, from where i should continue in this current page ?

        By the way I am satisfied with ICS on my xperia ray & dont want to do these stuffs, it seems quite hard to me.

        but my wifi is not scanning after upgrading into ICS. when I press scan button, nothing happens. Would you please give me a suggestion to fix this problem, it would be the best solustion for me instead of doing all these.


      2. by the way, I am from Bangladesh and I know Hindi well enough.Since you are from india, Would you plz share me your skype ID so that I can contact you directly. mine is nasim.reza49

        If you feel uneasy, No need to publish this comment. But brother, I am badly in need of your help !!

  60. Managed to fix that but now when I type in fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version it says waiting for device but it is already conected

  61. I inslalled kitkat to my xperia ray by using your these instructions. But unfortunately there is no fm radio. Please brother help me in this moment. How i put fm radio to kitkat menu? Rado is very useful to me. Thats why i asked. Help me

  62. When I flash super fusion it says this C:Documents and SettingsAdam>fastboot flash boot superFusionRay-kk.img
    error: cannot open ‘superFusionRay-kk.img’

    1. Hi Adam.

      What is this “kk” in file name?

      fastboot flash boot filename.img

      fastboot flash boot urushi_fusion_5.4.img

      Please check your file name.


      1. when i download the file in the link thats what i get should i just delete the kk

      2. Hi I tried this with flashtool too and it works but when reboot my phone the superfusion logo shine for a minute and then the screen is dark but the lights are still on.So since I can go in recovery when the superfusion logo flashes should i just wipe cache dalvik cache and install gapps and super jelly bean.

        Should I do that

        1. Hey Adam.

          Looks like, you have missed a step in my tutorial. This issue will happen, If you are not properly cleared the caches. So, try again. It will definitely work.


  63. hi, I downloaded all the needed files but i’m really scared, so how risky is what i’m about to do? i mean what’s the worst scenario ?

    1. Hi Ali.

      I know your fear. No need to worry. This is a 100% working and stable version. Just try it. By, the way If “something” went wrong, I can help you to get back your old ROM.

      I’m always ready to help my readers.


  64. hai akhil
    now i am using windows 8,
    i download emma flashtool and i was extract and install it,after copy .ini file,i run it,but the prorblem is,when i open emma it shows unable to connect network (but internet is working).
    whats the problem ?
    plz help me.

    1. Hi.

      Looks like, emma is not compatible with windows 8. Try to install in windows 7.


  65. Thank you Very much everything works fine and fast! (on st18a)

    1. Hi Nir.

      And update is released for this version. Did you tried that? If not, I’m recommending you to read this article: Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]


  66. I inslalled kitkat to my xperia ray by using your these instructions. But unfortunately there is no fm radio. Please brother help me in this moment. How i put fm radio to kitkat menu? Radio is very useful to me. That’s why I asked. Help me. I asked it for the second time brother.

    1. Hi gayan.

      I’m extremely sorry for the delay. Well Radio FM app is working fine on my device. Just try it and please update me.


  67. I am sorry for bugging you this much but my windows is xp not 7 ma ythat be the problem

    1. Still not succeeded?

      1. I think I figured it out after flashing the custom kernel the. phone is not supposed to be able to work you have to install the corresponding Rom right?

        1. That’s right. It is must.

  68. how much does it take to backup in recovery in proces

    1. Took 5min for me:(

  69. work like a charm tnx alot

    1. Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  70. Finally SUCCSES!!!! thank you

  71. can we expect an upgrade to 4.3 or 4.4

    1. Yes. Upgrade is very easy and 100% possible. Wait for the article.

  72. can we expect upgrade to 4.3 or 4.4

    1. Hi Adam.

      “Kitkat for Sony Xperia Ray” article is going to publish on today/tomorrow 🙂


  73. hai akhil,
    plz give the best solution for camera.
    camera is poor in this rom when compare to original rom.
    plz help me,how to improve camera quality?

    1. Hey Yogarajan.

      In my device, camera worked without any issues and had good clarity. In Kitkat, camera is really fantastic and the performance is also really improved a lot. If you are interested, you can give a try kitkat on your device. The kitkat tutorial and review will be published within 24hrs in NetMascots.


  74. Hello, after step 6, i reebooted my cell but after fusion logo there is nothing, just a little white screen and thats it. whats wrong here? m i able to get back to ICS 4.O from here?

  75. Help please,

    After doing step 6, i restarted my phone with power button+ Valium down button i got FUSION logo and then nothing, tried several time. but same result, what should i do now?

    1. Hey Raja.

      I’m extremely sorry for the issue that was happened to you. The reason for the issue is clockworkmod (It may resolve if you going to repeat the steps again). Downgrading from jellybean to ICS is possible. You can follow this article for downgrading your OS:

      Before going to downgrade, I’m requesting you to read my review and tutorial for upgrading sony xperia ray to kitkat 4.4; Article will be published within 24hrs.


      1. Thanks for ur response, finally i successfully installed Jelly Been on my Xperia ray…….the problem was that i was simply pressing and holding volium down button. the correct way was continuously pressing volium down button after step 6.

        1. Hi Raja.

          Thank you so much for updating your comment, and I’m very happy to know that your issue is resolved.

  76. i am waiting for that article.
    thank you!!!!!

  77. hai
    is there anything new features in kitkat?
    sry i eagering to know that?

    1. Yes,TONS of new features!! Fully customizable, Blazing fast, high quality display, fully controllable privacy settings, highly customizable lock screen, new “locking method”….and much more….:)

  78. hi akhil,
    I am at the 6th step. I am unable to start fone in recovery mode. What to do? 🙁

    1. Hi.

      This is a common mistake doing by most of the readers, to get into the recovery you have to press the volume down button repeatedly while booting. DON’T PRESS AND HOLD THE VOLUME DOWN BUTTON.


      1. I did it bro, I continusly tapped on the volume down button, while booting the fone. I also tried the app ” x-parts ” to start the fone in recovery mode. But to no success. Is there any way out of this?? 🙁 I feel lost.

        1. Hi Nithin.

          I can understand your current status of your issue. Please don’t worry and stay calm. Please clarify my queries:

          1. Did you completed the flashing without any error? Are you sure? (If possible, can you please repeat the process and provide me the error log/screenshots?)

          2. I think, now you can see only the blank screen in your device?

          3. Is you device is getting hot after switch on?


          1. My fone’s current status is that i can use it the way it was earlier .
            Please let me knw how to attach a screen shot in here.
            Further explanation is followed in th enext post.


  79. First of all let me thank u so much for ur concern, Akhil.
    When u mentioned abt flashing only, my thoughts went into it. Sorry.
    Let me tell u what happens when i do the flashing.

    I do all the steps which u guided in the video as well as the flowchart.
    When I paste that command in the “CMD” screen I get a message “”waiting for device”.
    After that there is no response.

    I am sure that my fone is connected in fastmode and all the steps wer done appropriately.

    Long bak I had upgraded my fone from GB to ICS . Then I switched bak to GB itself.
    So currently I am using GB.
    I wish I cud get this JB version of urs in my fone.

    Hope u’ll help me out. Awaiting response.

    1. Hi Nithin.

      After doing some research, I’m sure that your issue is “google usb driver”. You need to install that driver for resolving this issue.

      To resolve this follow this steps:

      1. Download SDK from google.

      2. Read Step 1 of this article. Follow the steps under (Hurray! It’s time to unlock the bootloader!)

      This will install the driver. See the video tutorial for details.

      After installing the driver, restart your pc and try again.


      1. Thank u so much Akhil!
        U sorted out the exact issue with my installation !
        U are awesme man!!
        Thank u thanx a lot fr ur help!! 🙂
        Will provide reviews abt this os soon.. 🙂
        Thanks a lot ..akhil!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Hello Nithin.

          Glad to know that your is resolved, and thank you so much for valuable feedback. I really appreciate it.

          Hope you subscribed to our newsletter for getting future post updates. Want to support us? Like NetMascots @facebook & twitter


  80. google webdriver android

    1. Hi.

      I don’t get you!

  81. i try to fastboot flash boot the phone but it is not working it says: plz help me fix this cause i really need this rom badly

    1. Hey Shon.

      Can you please tell me the exact error message?


  82. Hi Akhil, Thank you very much for your tutorial,,,
    Firstly I stuck in Command Prompt but now everything is ok 🙂

    I had a little problem with my xperia, the battery usually drop to 1% (I think the problem at the battery, but I already change with the new one) and the problem still same, can you help me to fix it??

    thx 🙂

    1. Hi Rian.

      Can provide me the log/screenshot of your Command Prompt? I need to know the error code for resolving your issue.

      On to next issue:

      1. What Android Version are you running?

      2. What is your kernel version?

      3. Is this is a notification issue or your phone is getting switch-off due to low battery?

      Please provide your feedback to my above queries to assist you better.


      1. Hi Akhil, thank you for your reply
        After I read your new article, now I changed my xperia to KitKat OS..
        but the problem still same, the battery notification drop to 1% and sometimes it restart automatically

        My kernel version 3.4.82-nAa+ Langes@BulidBox #1
        Baseband Version 8x55A-AAABQOAZM-203028G-77

        Thx 🙂

        1. Hi Rian.

          Your device is completely compatible with KitKat. So, this may be a hardware issue. Kindly contact the nearest sony service centre. If you are on warranty period, use can solve this issue for free. But, before going to sony sevice centre, kindly restore the original stock OS (ICS)


  83. can we remove the fusion logo when start up…..

    1. Hi Sovinda

      Currently we can’t do that. Because, changing logo may lead to some issues in the working of ROM.


  84. Hi Akhil.
    I am using jelly bean in my fone as per ur video tutorials an instructions.
    I had told earlier that I would put in my reviews.
    I was using GB earlier. My fone has got completly transformed after putting in this OS.
    A big thanx for u.
    I was tired of the usual GB.

    Only thing am disappointed is about the CAMERA . As u knw xperia ray has a realy gud cam.
    But after putting in this JB the cam functions have severly gone down i gues..

    But I can adjust with the additional features of the cam as there are lots of apps available in the market. But what am sad is that the “focussing ” is not available in this OS .
    If u remember, the GB version had diffrnt modes “macro”, “infinite”, “touch focus”.
    I had really loved the focusing abilty of this camera.

    But the focusing option is absent here, quite sad abt the cam clarity also 🙁

    1. Hi Nithin.

      This is a common issue with most of the custom ROMs. I hope, next update may resolve this issue.


  85. Hello Akhil,

    my phone is rooted now, and I have updated it to jelly bean, but after reset my phone its stuck with “sony” startup logo?

    is it normal? do I need to wait for need to do something? please advise.

    1. Hello,

      are you available at the moment?

    2. Hi Jitendra.

      Sorry for the delay. I was busy with my college works. It is normal. Turn off you device for 20 min and turn on the device. It will work.


  86. how long to take my ray to turn on after flashing kernel?…

    1. Hi Aldwin.

      It takes 10-15 minutes maximum.


      1. hi Akhil?
        i try to flash the kernel via flashtool, after that i try to turn on my ray but its almost 1hour it doesnt boot up…plz help me…

        1. Hi Aldwin.

          Use manual booting. Press power button and volume down simultaneously while connecting to the PC.

          Try it, and update me.


          1. hi akhil?.. i think the problem is by flashing the kernel…i flash it via flashtool heres the log:
            06/028/2014 09:28:45 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
            06/028/2014 09:28:45 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 15-03-2014 23:00:00
            06/028/2014 09:28:52 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
            06/029/2014 09:29:31 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): D:tool for jeally beanurushi_fusion_5.4.img
            06/029/2014 09:29:31 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – sending 'boot' (5760 KB)…
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) USB download speed was 9685kB/s
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – OKAY [ 0.609s]
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – writing 'boot'…
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) Download buffer format: boot IMG
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) Flash of partition 'boot' requested
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) S1 partID 0x00000003, block 0x00000148-0x00000179
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) Erase operation complete, 5 bad blocks encountered
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) Flashing…
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – (bootloader) Flash operation complete
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – OKAY [ 1.016s]
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – finished. total time: 1.625s
            06/029/2014 09:29:33 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
            sending 'boot' (5760 KB)…
            (bootloader) USB download speed was 9685kB/s
            OKAY [ 0.609s]
            writing 'boot'…
            (bootloader) Download buffer format: boot IMG
            (bootloader) Flash of partition 'boot' requested
            (bootloader) S1 partID 0x00000003, block 0x00000148-0x00000179
            (bootloader) Erase operation complete, 5 bad blocks encountered
            (bootloader) Flashing…
            (bootloader) Flash operation complete
            OKAY [ 1.016s]
            finished. total time: 1.625s

            i also falsh that via fasboot on SDK platform tool..but i also got got 5B BAD BLOCKS….

            how can i fix it?…pls help

  87. Hello Akhil KA, introduce, I am from Indonesia.
    I just finished a root xperia ray, now information from my phone: 4:04 android version kernel version, for 4.1.b.0.587 numbers.
    I want to ask if I could use the method in the above article for installing a jelly bean.
    sorry, my english messy, happy can also comment here

    1. Hi Dhany.

      Welcome to NetMascots, First of all I’m apologizing for the late reply.

      Your sony xperia ray is perfect for installing Jelly Bean. Try it and update me. If you are facing any issues, I’m happy to help you.


  88. hi Akhil, this night i hv success install JB on my Ray, but how i can bakcup my BBM apps to new rom?

    1. Hi Dhany.

      Use Titanium Backup app.


  89. Hi Akhil, i have trouble while doing this step “Then, Go to Android SDK>platform-tools> and press and hold shift button on free space and right click and select “open command window here”. Then copy fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version to the command prompt and verify that you get a response back (for example “0.3″). This means your device is connected properly. See the below image: Then close the command prompt.” i dont get any response.. what do i do?

    1. Hi Lnez.

      You are the only one person who finds this mistake. I forgot to place that image. Sorry to say that, I lost that image and I’m unable to get that image.

      By the way, coming to your issue:

      You are not getting any response means you are doing something wrong. Please verify the below suggestions.

      1. Check whether the USB is connected properly (Try to connect the device in any other usb ports).

      2. Did you installed the android_winusb.inf driver? Please check it. If you not installed it, please read the above instructions and install it. After installation just restart your PC.


      1. Hi Akhil, I’ve tried everything you said but its still not working *sigh* i really want to upgrade my xp to jelly bean

      2. uhm it says ” ” what does that mean? what do i do, i’ve waited for more than 20mins..



    1. Hi VISAKH.

      I think, this is happened because of some issues in the kernel file or the ROM files. My suggestion is to download all the files again and repeat the whole process/steps once again.


  91. I can’t connect my ray to pc in fastboot mode. when i connect to pc says there was no driver on ur fastboot device…contact ur device manufacturer. If i manually pont to google usb driver says acces deny. what can i do now? please help me.

  92. hi Akhil
    I can’t install java se jdk in my xp, it says entry point not found. . .the procedure entry point regdeletekeyexa could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAP132.dll. how can I fix it? please help

    1. Hi Zisan.

      The reason for your issue is compatibility. Java 8 not supporting Windows XP. If you are advanced java developer/programmer, I can give you the solution. Because, it need some programming skill to resolve this issue.

      Otherwise, you need to install Windows 7/8 resolve this issue.


  93. hi akhil k?…plz help i cant find sony fastboot intrface on my window xp sp3?…i already download fastboot driver povided by sony but every the i plug my ray to fastboot mode it always appear on flashtool that device connected flash mode…plz help i cant use my loptop for installing this rom…

  94. Hi Akil
    after reboot I stuck Fusion

  95. Hi, I have a small but huge problem…
    The 3g mobile network is not working properly…
    wi-fi is loading all pages and dowloads everything…
    But mobile network not loading pages at all… Not loading any content, like google play store… But it serve only those programs wich has small bandwidth e.g. facebook messenger works fine…
    Can you help me with this problem ?

    P.s. when I try to conect via browser it gives me: “authentication via proxy server was unsuccessful.”

  96. Hi Akhil,

    I followed up to step 5 and successfully flashed fusion. When I restart phone I get fusion logo then a blank screen. I have tried several times to press power button then the volume down as your instructions but cannot get into recovery mode, just a blank screen?

    1. Hi.

      Repeat the flashing process again and try to get in recovery mode after 30min


  97. I can not speak English Right , but I just say:
    In the Insert Code (fastboot.exe ….) I have problems, and this show
    message across. please help me

  98. Hi, Akhil,

    Thanks for your detail operating instructions for Ray recovery. I successes for update it.
    But now, I can’t add new contact on my phone, could you please help for this issue?


  99. Hi Akhil
    In Bootloader Unlocking mode i finished everything while trying the following step i am not getting response from my mobile
    Enter fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version, and verify that you get a response back (for example “0.3”). This means your device is connected properly.

    Warning! If you perform this step, you will unlock the boot loader. This may void your warranty and/or any warranty from your operator. If you still want to unlock the boot loader of your device, enter fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY, where KEY is the unlock boot loader key you got in the beginning of this instruction. The boot loader should now be successfully unlocked.

    Its simply showing .
    What can i do for this?

  100. Hi Akhil
    In Bootloader Unlocking mode i finished everything while trying the following step i am not getting response from my mobile
    Enter fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version, and verify that you get a response back (for example “0.3″). This means your device is connected properly.

    Warning! If you perform this step, you will unlock the boot loader. This may void your warranty and/or any warranty from your operator. If you still want to unlock the boot loader of your device, enter fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY, where KEY is the unlock boot loader key you got in the beginning of this instruction. The boot loader should now be successfully unlocked.

    Its simply showing “waiting for device”
    What can i do for this?

  101. hey…
    uhhm i have xperia ray..and im kinda stucked at the command says “waiting for the device”..but my phone is already conneced in fastboot.. the one with led lights color is blue..
    thnaks if u can reply now..:)

    1. Hi.

      This is a driver issue. Install the drivers in the flashtool folder in C drive on your PC.


  102. I successfully installed Jelly Bean, the only problem is that after installing, the touch screen wont work anymore!

  103. Great………..

    It is working perfectly.Thanks a lot.(y)

  104. I dont know , i have done everything right . But my phone is tucked on super JB screen.

    i have tried putting my battery out for 10 mins . and then re-inserted it i am waiting for the past 1 hour. but it doesnt work.

    what should i do ?

  105. bhai flash tool download nhi ho rha hai

    1. Now it is working. Sorry for the issue 🙁

  106. Hi Akhil,

    Flashboot is stuck saying “sending ‘boot’ (5760 KB)…”
    What might be the issue here?


  107. Sir,

    I flash my mobile with superfusionRay-kk.
    After flashing the kernel, I couldn’t boot my phone either in recovery mode or in normal mode.
    When I try to boot, it shows a logo SUPERFUISON and then it disapperars. After that the phone is in a dead stage. A White LED is on at the home button. So please guide me to solve this issue.

  108. Sir,

    I flash my mobile with superfusionRay-kk.
    After flashing the kernel, I couldn’t boot my phone either in recovery mode or in normal mode.
    When I try to boot, it shows a logo SUPERFUISON and then it disapperars. After that the phone is in a dead stage. A White LED is on at the home button. So please guide me to solve this issue.

  109. I flash my mobile with superfusionRay-kk.
    After flashing the kernel, I couldn’t boot my phone either in recovery mode or in normal mode.
    When I try to boot, it shows a logo SUPERFUISON and then it disappears. After that the phone is in a dead stage. A White LED is on at the home button. So please guide me to solve this issue.

  110. Hi,

    After the step one, I exactly did what you say, “Then, Go to Android SDK>platform-tools> and press and hold shift button on free space and right click and select “open command window here”. Then copy fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version to the command prompt and verify that you get a response back (for example “0.3″). This means your device is connected properly. See the below image: Then close the command prompt.” but after i paste “fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version” my phone doesn’t answer to me and i can’t get any response. What can I do? I did everything what you say, never miss something.

  111. Boot loader unlocking Xperia ray ST 81i

    Followed the steps to install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 andoidizer

    Also downloaded fastbootdriver in SDK>extra> google usb_driver.

    Restarted PC windows 7

    After connecting, device shows blue LED

    Adroid SDK platform tools command past fastboot.exe-0x0fce getVar versie response
    “waiting for device”

    How can I continue or correct this situation?


    1. Hi..

      Did you followed the requirements? Try to connect your PC in internet and install the required drivers.

  112. Hi Akhil
    If the Rooting status: bootloader allow: No
    Then how to make it YES?

    1. Hi.

      Just follow “Step 1: Bootloader Unlocking” in this article :

      This will help you to Unlock Sony Xperia Ray Bootloader.


  113. big bro, please help.. my phone won’t turn on anymore.. after FUSION logo.. i tried to re-do the bootloader thing cuz i thought maybe because of that but didn’t really do a thing. please help.

    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the late reply. What is the current status?

  114. Hi, I’m stuck at the “unlocking the bootloader” part because I can’t find the extras, google, or even the usb driver folder. I’ve downloaded everything as prompted in the SDK Manager. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi.

      I have clearly explained on how to get usb driver for your device. So, kindly follow the steps.

      If you are still confused, I will help you.


  115. Please solve this issue sir my phone is sony expria T and i try to upload jelly bean but it is not completed flash so please suggest me…


  116. this error below…

    21/032/2014 23:32:27 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted
    21/032/2014 23:32:27 – INFO – Now unplug the device and power it on
    21/032/2014 23:32:27 – INFO – Then go to application settings
    21/032/2014 23:32:27 – INFO – turn on Unknown Sources and Debugging

    1. Hi.

      Please go to settings and turn on Unknown Sources and Debugging.


  117. but my Sony Xperia Can be login and i ussed emma tools but it’s asking unlock the boot loader but my set unable to Start so please your kind support that how be table shoot..

  118. but my Sony Xperia Sorry Can not be login and i ussed emma tools but it’s asking unlock the boot loader but my set unable to Start so please your kind support that how can be table shoot..only blinking

    1. try Flashtool –

      its very simple and light software… its really for customization for Xperia(and mybe for other brands too)
      its very, very, VERY recommanded tools

  119. Can you help me sir???
    What should i do?
    My error is

    I changed Enviroment Variables

    C:UsersGo Goal>fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version
    getvar:version FAILED (command write failed (Unknown error))
    finished. total time: 0.630s

  120. Thank U Big Brother,Your tutorial is great 🙂 , My phone is now Jelly Bean , and how to root it ????

    1. Hi.

      I have provided an article for rooting xperia using eroot. Try that. If not worked, you are free to ask me.


  121. Hi Akhil,

    I am using Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST18i It have Screen Blackout Problem. can it be solve after installing jelly bean on my mobile?

  122. i flashed super fusion kernel with out installing cwm ..what should i do

  123. Thank u Bro.. My Xperia Ph has been rooted & nw its been Jelly Bean , thanks a lot for ur article… I have an doubt…

    My ram is not increased, can i Partition the sd card , and when i install whatsapp and MX player it gone to internal memory and can’t be moved to sd card… any solution????

  124. Hello bro. Have a huge prob. I did as the article said. alla done but after i flashed the ubuntu phone is not working. i power it on and a blue led opens then nothing shows on screen and a white led is always on. what is happened?

  125. Hello bro. Have a huge prob. I did as the article said. alla done but after i flashed the ubuntu phone is not working. i power it on and a blue led opens then nothing shows on screen and a white led is always on. what is happened?

  126. Thanks a lot bro, by following your steps, i have succeed for the first time to install a custom rom without any error. And the theme is awesome.
    Just found one problem. I am currently not being able to edit my contact. I keep pressing long and long on the contact items, but nothing happened. How can I edit a contact? Can you help me to find out it please?

  127. Hello Akhil,

    Planning to upgrade Xperia Ray to Jelly Bean is there any new version available now?

    Looking forward hearing form you soon.

    Thanks in advance.

  128. Nice… very nice firmware Akhil. its has lots of tools, settings phone or even twerking processor(i think)
    But there’s some problems – 1. the camera cant use flash LED, means like not supoort or not working
    2. some applications that i always uses, TrackID, youtube and some others. TrackID is most useful to track or find songs name to me download the music.

    i not sure there’s more issue like these but… nevermind, keeping good job making this firmware(i dont know u make this or someone else). thx bro making life easier with my Ray. *brofist*

  129. hi Akhil,

    i have xperia ray,,,he taking automatically restart,could you plz help me

  130. Please leave download link for kernel for os 4.4.2,i have xperia ray

  131. I really enjoyed this update. The xperia ray was far more functional and stable. Just found a problem. Does not allow work with ANT + sign. I can not connect to the ANT + accessories of my bike. Is it possible to solve this problem?

  132. very thanks you.
    i have done with bootloader and also install update 4.1.2.from your step by step.thanks you so lovely.wish you looking forward and good of helth.from karim cambodia.thank,do u know i was try very hard work of that.but now perfect my so glade of you divice.any way thanks again,hope can contact you later.this is my first time of my successful.

  133. Thoughtful blog post ! I was fascinated by the info – Does anyone know if my assistant could possibly grab a blank CA DMV INF 1125 document to edit ?

  134. Hello, the download links in your article is not working anymore. is it possible for you to update the download link?
    i would appreciate it.

  135. 2. Download Super Jelly Bean 6.0 Custom ROM Files: (Link Updated On 28/Jun/2014)

    1. Super Jelly Bean 6.0

    2. gapps-jb-20130624-sjb

    Добрый день. пожалуйста укажите рабочую ссылку на скачивание. Good afternoon. please specify a working link to download.

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