How To Install KitKat 4.4.2 On Sony Xperia Ray

How To Install KitKat 4.4.2 On Sony Xperia Ray

KitKat is the latest version of the android operating system. Currently, KitKat is only available for the latest android smartphones.  Using a Custom ROM, I’m going to show you How to Install KitKat 4.4.2 on Sony Xperia Ray. We all know that, officially KitKat is not available for Sony Xperia Ray Smartphones.  Last official android version for Sony Xperia Ray is Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0.4:

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After Ice-cream Sandwich, android released Jelly Bean 4.1 for android smartphones. But, Sony doesn’t release Jellybean for Sony Xperia Ray. But, I have provided a best Custom ROM Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Sony Xperia Ray Smartphones. I’m very happy to say that, Jelly Bean 4.1.2 is a big success and worked fine in my mobile without any issues. For the last few weeks, I am getting hundreds of positive comments from my readers. Thanks to all the readers who tested Jelly Bean by using my tutorial.

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Android KitKat 4.4.2 for Sony Xperia Ray

I have got so many requests from so many readers to release KitKat for Sony Xperia Ray. So, most of the readers of NetMascots is eagerly waiting for the Android KitKat release. I have successfully installed android KitKat 4.4.2 on my device and it is working fine without any issues. Before going to try this ROM, I’m strongly recommending you to read my complete review on KitKat 4.4.2 and Xperia Ray.

I hope you enjoyed the taste of KitKat from my review. What do you think? Awesome? Then, why are you waiting to let’s proceed to Install KitKat 4.4.2 on Sony Xperia Ray?

How to Install KitKat 4.4.2 On Xperia Ray – Procedures

Checklist Before Proceeding:

  • Backup your contact, SMS and call logs. Warning: All your contacts, SMS, and call logs will be erased when you install custom ROM. Note: Many apps are available in play store to help you backup your SMS, call logs and contacts.
  • Backup your apps and data (If needed). I’m recommending Titanium Backup root to take a full backup of your apps including app data. Warning: All your apps will be deleted while installing this ROM.
  • Phone must be charged minimum 80%.
  • Enable USB debugging.
  • Phone must be rooted (If you are using any Custom ROM, then it is already rooted!)
  • The bootloader must be unlocked.
    Note: To unlock the bootloader,  read “Step 1” in the Jelly Bean Installation tutorial.


1. KitKat 4.4.2 ROM Files And Gapps

Download KitKat Custom ROM Files From Here (Link Updated On 28/Jun/2014)

Download Folder contains:

  • Kernel (boot.img)
  • KitKat ROM (pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251)
  • Gapps (gapps-kk-20140105-signed)

2. Latest Version Flashtool: Download From Here

Now you are ready to install KitKat 4.4.2 On Sony Xperia Ray Smartphone.

Steps For Installing KitKat 4.4.2

Step 1: Copying ROM files to SD card

Before flashing you need to copy KitKat ROM file (pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251) and Gapps (gapps-kk-20140105-signed) to the SD card.

Note: If you are doing this step after flashing the ROM, you can’t connect your device in mass storage mode to transfer files to SD card. The reason is, you need to turn on the phone to enable mass storage mode! So, just connect your device to PC and copy the two zipped files to the SD card. DO NOT UNZIP THE FILES.

Step 2: Flashing Kernel

For detailed tutorial on Flashing Kernel(boot.img) Using Flashtool, read this article:

OR See the tutorial video given below:

Step 3: Installing ROM and Gapps

  • Switch on your device and get into the recovery. To get into the recovery, you need to press the volume down button few times while your phone gets booted.
    Note: I repeat, you need to press the volume down button repeatedly (NOT PRESS AND HOLD) till you see the options in the recovery mode. The reason for why I told like that is because, most the readers who installed the Jelly Bean ROM made this mistake!
  • After getting into the recovery, you can use your volume up and down buttons for navigation and use “Home” button to make the selection.

Now you are in the recovery. Please follow these steps for completing the procedures:

  • wipe data/factory reset>>yes – wipe all user data
  • wipe cache partition>>yes-wipe cache
  • advanced>>wipe Dalvik cache>>yes – wipe Dalvik cache
  •>>choose zip from /storage/sdcard0>>pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251>>yes – install pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251
  • Note: Be patient, Installation may take some time. You can see a blue progress bar at the bottom of the installation page.
  •>>choose zip from /storage/sdcard0>>gapps-kk-20140105-signed>>yes – install gapps-kk-20140105-signed
  • After completing the installation, come back to the main menu by pressing the back button.
  • Now go to advanced>>power off to shut-down the device.

Note: Please allow up to 15 min to settle the ROM.

Hurray! You have successfully installed Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS in your Sony Xperia Ray.

I’m eagerly waiting for your comments and feedbacks. Because, your comments are my inspiration to write tutorials and articles.

Stuck in any step? Need help? Feel free to comment here. I’m always happy to help my readers.


Featured Image Author (Background): Thomas Gehrke

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  1. Does this kitkat rom support xloud? Does it give big sound as xloud?

    1. Hi Sumantha.

      Thanks for your comment. Xloud is currently not supported in KitKat 4.4.2, but, the Sound Quality is very high and it will give even better than Xloud (If you enable DSP app).


      1. hello, I wanted to leave a comment but I could not find where I can do it so I used the reply button, sorry for that. I want try this rom, but first I have some questions. with this rom can I move my apps which are normally stored only in telephone memory (like facebook,twitter,whatsapp, etc.) to the sd card? I have seen some roms which provide the opportunity to move this kind of apps to the sd card so that you have more memory in phone and phone works faster. Second, xperia ray is normally 1 Ghz but I have found a rom which increase it to 1,6 ghz. With this rom will I have still 1 ghz? I am asking these questions because speed is the most important thing for me and I am searching for a fast rom. Thank you so much:)

      2. Hi,

        I want to update my xperia ray with kitkat version, I am able to download all the files but I am trying to download flash tool several times but it is not available to download..
        Please update latest flash tool, so that I can able to install KITKAT android version
        and also one click root is not working I have done as per tutorial and got the output too same as in screen shot, but when I check there is no SU app and I checked with root checker it says the phone is not rooted.. I have put flight mode and enebled USB debugging.. and ran the root file run as administrator

        Can you help me

      3. Hello forgive but not know how to comment on a new dialog box
        I’m from mexico and I wonder if I install this will give me as default language in English or Spanish language can put it on?
        Might let me thank you for your answer my email
        thank you

        1. Hi David.

          Spanish language is available in this ROM. You can change this form settings!


    2. This level is successfully initialized not getting sir

  2. amigo se produce una falla en el fatstool mode sale ERROR

    1. Hi Jose.

      I can’t get your language! Can you make it in English?


  3. iam stuck with blue light i can’t see recovery what should i do help me

    1. Hi Charan.

      Thank you for reading my tutorial. I hope your flashing process completed successfully without any errors. Then turn off the device and wait 5 min before getting into the recovery mode.


  4. Hi,

    Can we directly upgrade to Kitkat from GB ?


    1. Hello Hari.

      Yes, you can. You can directly upgrade your ROM from Gingerbread to KitKat 4.4.2. Please follow the steps given in this article.

      That is,

      1. Unlock your bootloader(Read the Jelly Bean Installation article)

      2. Flash the kernel using flashtool.

      3. Get into the recovery mode.

      4. Install the ROM and Gapps.

      That’s all.

      If you need any assistance, update me.


      1. did this kernel version for kitkat be done for zen ultrafone 701 hd?

        1. Hi.

          Sorry to say, not compatible.

      2. HI,
        where i can get kitkat for my xperia play,
        i,m unable to find it ..

        1. Hi Abid.

          I will write an article for you soon. Keep in touch with NetMascots.


  5. hello, why it take so long time to install pac urushi 4.4 alpha? can give estimated time it should be? i guess it is like stuck, sorry for bad english

    1. Hi izul.

      Please don’t interrupt or switch-off your device while installing the ROM. It may take 10 to 20 min to complete the installation. So, be patient. You can also see a blue progress bar while installing.


      1. thanks for your reply,i have installed this custom rom, and can’t take the music from Sd card to set up my ringtone,it is impossible? there is no option such as “set this as ringtone”,

        1. Hi Izul

          It is possible. In android, we can set ringtone via file explores or music players. To set a ringtone in Android KitKat 4.4.2, you can follow the two methods given below.

          1. Open file manager and go to the ringtone file>>>Click on the ringtone file to play in apollo music player (or any music players) >>>Click on xperia options button>> Select “Use as ringtone” option. You can see a message like this” ‘music file name’ set as ringtone”. That’s it.

          2. Directly go to music player and click on options button and choose “Use as ringtone”!

          Now, your ringtones are added to the “Phone Ringtones” list. You can change/select ringtones by going to Settings>>Sound>>Phone ringtone

          I hope this helps.


          1. thanks for the helps! 😉

          2. Always happy to help my readers:)

  6. sending ‘boot’ (9088 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    1. Hi Rangan.

      Thank you so much for reading my article. I’m happy to help you. In this tutorial I have give some check-list (Checklist Before Proceeding:) for the completion of the whole process. From your error log, I can see that, your device is not rooted. I have already provided this requirement in the check-list (Please read the 5th point). Anyway, you MUST root your device before proceeding to any other steps. Okay, please give me some required details to resolve your issue:

      1. What is your android version?

      2. What is your kernel version?

      You can refer these details by going to Settings>>About phone

      I’m expecting your reply. Please don’t worry, I can help you to Install KitKat on your xperia ray.


  7. 25/037/2014 22:37:00 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    25/037/2014 22:37:00 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    25/037/2014 22:37:05 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): C:FlashtoolfirmwaresSuperFusionRay-kk.img
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

    1. Hi Rangan.

      Thanks for the detailed log: I have given a reply already on your previous comment. So, kindly provide those required details.

      1. hi: Akhil K A

        MODEL: ST18i

        android version:4.0.4

        kernel version: build user@buildHost#1

        25/037/2014 22:37:00 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
        25/037/2014 22:37:00 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
        25/037/2014 22:37:05 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): C:FlashtoolfirmwaresSuperFusionRay-kk.img
        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
        sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
        FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
        finished. total time: 0.001s

        25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

        1. Hi Rangan.

          Still your device is not rooted. Plese follow any of these articles given below and properly root your device to install custom ROM.

          One Click Root For Sony Xperia Ray – Root Within 5sec


          How To Root Sony Xperia Ray With Android 4.0.4 In 5 Minutes


  8. this rom much better than sjb 8.0,
    I experience fast action in this ROM,
    but does it support large games like dead triggers and dear hunt ?

    1. Hello Yogarajan.Welcome back.

      Thank you for reading my article and your valuable feedback.

      I didn’t tried that games but “Ski Safari” is a heavy gave and need a good graphics and memory to play that game. It is still working fine on my Ray.

  9. Hi Akhil,
    My phone model is Xperia Ray ST18a (not ST18i), and Build Number:4.1.B.0.587Can I proceed to install KitKat4.4.2?

    1. Hi.

      After rooting and biitloader unlock, you can install KitKat 4.4.2


  10. 27/001/2014 15:01:33 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    27/001/2014 15:01:33 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    27/001/2014 15:01:38 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): K:2SuperFusionRay-kk.img
    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    27/001/2014 15:01:48 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

    1. Hi Rangan.

      Please post your comment in correct posts. You are trying to flash jelly bean kernel. So, comment in that article.

      Anyway, your device is not rooted. Do not try to flash the kernel until you have successfully complete the rooting process. So, root your device first.

  11. Hi Akhil K A,

    Goody day. I followed everything in your instruction and had successful installation (Thank you!). I’m just wondering why I’m having random reboots? Any comment regarding this issue?


    Btw, thank you for the Rooting and the SJB installation tutorials.

    1. Hello Tiir.

      Thank you so much for your feedback.

      I don’t have this rebooting issue. But, I’m really sorry for this. Please test the ROM for 4 days and check whether this issue is appears again.

      Let’s see.


  12. hey the link for the rom and gapps are working but when downloading it is super slow less than 2 kb,Could you post a new link

    1. nevermind that it is ok.Now when I get into recovery it says that it cant accsees log

      1. Hi adam.

        Please proceed with the installation.


    2. Hello Adam.

      As per your request, the file has been re-uploaded. Please try again and update me. If you the download is still slow, I will make a mirror download for you.


  13. installed the rom thanks Akhil

    1. Hey Adam.

      That’s a happy news for me. Thanks for the feedback. If you facing any issues, please don’t forget to update me.


  14. hai akhil
    plz give me the tutorial for how to install walkman app for this ROM?
    becaus the audio quality is less in Apollo musiq(when I was hearing in headset).
    I experience best audio quality in iced bean ROM(it has walkman app).

    other than this (apllo musiq) everything is perfect in this KitKat rom!!!!

    1. Hello Yogarajan.

      I’m not using Apollo music player. I’m using “Poweramp” music player. I’m it is most rocking music player for android users. Simply mind-bowing audio experience and very attractive user interface. It is a paid app. But, you can download a 14 days trial of poweramp. So, just download it from play store and try it. If you are satisfied,I will help you to get a PRO version.


  15. hey akhil
    thanks for this tutorial. Few month ago i installed Super Jelly Bean ROM8. It was the best Rom i installed since 1 year. Very good battery life, smooth and no issues.
    I was happy to read your article over KitKat and try it out. But there is one reasons to go back to SJB8.

    There is no way to disable the “lockscreen widgets”. Thats the important thing for me. Can you help me?

    For me it’s a little bit too much customizable. But the features of 4.4.2 are very great. At this time that’s an alpha ROM. I often look at your page and will try the now ROM again later.

    Dear Tobi

    1. Hello Tobi

      Thank you very much for reading my article and your valuable feedback. In KikKat, you have full control to all modules. So, you can disable screen widgets by going to: Settings>>Lock screeen>>Clock Widget>> and select the particular widget to disable.


  16. Hi. Thank you so much for this tutorial. You are wonderful
    I m gonna install kitkat but fitst i have question.
    Can i install kitkat from 4.0.3, direcly.? (rooted and unlocked bootloader)

    1. Hello Samet

      You can directly upgrade your OS to KitKat 4.4.2, If your phone is already rooted and unlocked.


  17. Hi Akhil,

    I am glad to have kitkat version for my mob. However i dont see Camera functioning properly. It hangs sometimes, which was also there in previous version (JB). Anyway to get that correct ? Other things are working perfectly. 😉 🙂

    1. Hello Sandeep.

      Thank you for trying KitKat 4.4.2 by following my article. I’m not having this issue, but can you please tell when this hanging issue occurs? While capturing or turn on time?


  18. Hey great tut, but i’m stucked in one place

    When I got into recovery mode, i can’t install file. it says ‘Cant open pac_urushi_4.4.Aplha…zip’ (bad)
    Installation Aborted

    How can I fix this? 🙁

    1. Hi Lakzhika.

      Looks like your ziped file is corrupted. Download the files again and try to install one more time. This will resolve your issue.


      1. Yeah bro, that file was corrupted. Anyhow I installed pac rom successfully. but this is soo damn slow 🙁

        What’s up with that? I like this, but cant live with this lag

        1. Hi Lakzhika.

          You mean the OS is slow? I can’t believe that! Can you provide me the screenshot of your “Currently Running Apps” page from settings? Let me check your RAM usage first.


          1. Here it is,


            SJB 8.0 worked fine on this phone without any lag issues

          2. Hi Lakzhika.

            You are using some high resource consumption apps. Try to use optimized apps. Optimized apps will not stay background. I’m not having any issues with performance. Try to kill apps that are running on background.


          3. but I had those apps in SJB too without any problem. Should I re-flash the kitkat? 🙁

          4. Hi Lakhiya.

            Really sad news for me. Anyway, If you are not satisfied you can revert the update. My suggestion is to wait for the next update.


  19. Dear Akhil K A,

    I am proud of you first. I am also having Xperia Ray from past two years . struck with ICS and finaly find your website. its totally aw some . i loaded my xperia with SJB. Now i find PAC KK in your website. clarify me , how is the battery life, speed, between SJB and PAC KK.

    1. Hello Arif.

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment. I’m very satisfied with the Battery backup. I’m getting 24-48hrs of battery backup for normal usage!


  20. thanks akhil!!!
    poweramp was much satisfied, but it’s a trail pack.
    what can I do?
    how to get pro version?

    1. Hello Yogarajan.

      Thanks for the update. That exclusive article will be published on next week. Kindly wait for that article 🙂


  21. I tried to update to kitkat from GB directly. but when I flashed the kernal using above .img file, phone hangs up at PacMan logo

    What’s wrong?

    1. Hi Lakzhika.

      Did you installed the ROM from recovery mode?


  22. HI AKHIL

    TNX for this learning

    i wish u ever success

    good luck dear

    1. Hi John.

      Thanks for the feed back and kind words.

      Enjoy the taste of KitKat 🙂

  23. Just installed the ROM on my Xperia Ray.

    Thanks Akhil, very helpful article!

    1. Hi Gigi.

      Thanks for the feedback.I hope, you visit again.


  24. Thanks Akhil for a great tutorial, great work!
    There is however one issue: do you know a way how to stop the clock app from draining my battery?


    1. Hi Kotte.

      Next week, I will publish a detailed article on “Uninstalling default apps in android”. Kindly wait for the release.


  25. Dude this Rom is awesome..So far so good,its fast and works great…
    The installation was simple…
    Keep up the good work bro…cheers

    1. Hi Narendra.

      Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it.


  26. Hi Akhil,

    Whoa, I didn’t see this KitKat version, I just flashed SJB yesterday for my Ray.

    Downloading the pre-requisite files now, and will try later at home.

    Will update you soon.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Akhil,

      It worked flawlessly as usual.

      But, I cannot figure out how to make the main workspace a single workspace. I don’t like swiping from left to right.

      Haha, in any case, I’ll play around with it some more.


    2. Hi Asche.

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.


  27. Hello Akhil,
    Firstly i am thankful to you to share your experience with us, i am successfully installed KitKat on my xperia ray but having some issue to share with you

    1- I have disable Google play auto update but still getting updates
    2- Phone Book reset automatically & lost my contacts but i have backup.
    3- Unable to send MMS.

    Muhammad Shoaib Khan

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      1. Only change the settings when your device in conected to internet.

      2. This will happen because of google sync. Try to reconnect your google account.

      3. What is your exact issue while using MMS?


      1. Thank u for you support

        I have uncheck auto update on goolgle play when i connected to internet still get updates & i have also switch of google sync but still getting contact lost issue & for MMS is status continuously show sending….

        1. Hi.

          Looks like a bug. This issue will be resolved on the next update. I’m extremely sorry for this issue. Thanks for the report.

          1. Thanks for you reply, waiting for next update.
            Best of luck

          2. Hi Sincerelyourz.

            Don’t forget to subscribe to get future post updates.


  28. Hi Akhil
    So far the Rom is working stable…But my Ray running low on Ram…Haven’t started any apps and it’s showing only 60-80 Mb free …Any suggestions to fix the low Ram, cause i noticed alot of features within this Rom…

    1. Hi Narendra.

      Next week, I’m releasing an article. That will definitely resolve this issue. I’m requesting you to wait for the update.


  29. Hi
    My Xperia ray is rooted (5sec root) .Bootloader unlock status says NO.
    How can i unlocked it ?

    1. Hello Martin.

      Please follow this article:

      Just follow “Step 1: Bootloader Unlocking”. This will unlock your bootloader.


  30. hai akhil
    my poweramp is going to expired,so plz give the solution.

    sorry for the disturbance.

    1. Oh Sorry! I forgot:(

      Please wait. I will publish the article as soon as possible.


  31. Dear Akhil….

    Can you give me a solution ???


    1. Hi Akhil,

      What is the use of “terminal emulator” which was installed in my xperia ray.
      Anything editable with that…???


      1. Hi Graspy.

        It is for advanced users for testing, running and debugging. You can disable it via “apps” in the settings.


  32. Dear Akhil,
    I have some doubts
    1.How to delete a widget or application icons from home screen?In old ICS there was an option to drag and drop it in the ‘trash can’.
    2.SD card is not detected by computer when connected through micro USB cable.So what to do to transfer files from/to the computer.
    3.Can we delete the whole contents of the SD card without affecting the operation of the phone or do we have to keep some files/folders that are essential for the operation of the phone.
    finally waiting for your article about’ bloatware removal’.

    1. Hi.

      1. Long click on widget and drag it to the top of the screen. You can see “X Remove” on top. Just drag and drop your widget to that section.

      2. Download and install “Usb Mass Storage Enabler“. Then open the app and click on “Mass storage”. That’s all. Now connect your device to pc. After connecting, you can see a notification on notification bar on mass storage. Click on that notification and turn on usb mass storage mode!

      3.After connecting your device to pc in mass storage mode, you can manually delete those files/folders from your SD card.

      Hope this helps.

      Now I’m busy with my semester exam. Article will be published soon. Sorry!


  33. Android Version : 4.0.4
    Kernel Version :
    Build number : 4.1.B.0.587

    Can i install kitkat directly ?
    without rooted and unlocked boot-loader

    4.0.4 update by Sony PC Companion 2.1

    1. Rooting Status :
      Bootloader unlock allowed: yes

    2. Hi Sara.

      You can’t directly install KitKat on your xperia ray. To install a custom ROM, you have to unlock your device.

  34. :'( failed….. bootloader relocked… now how can i unlock it???

  35. invalid vendor id

  36. hay Akhil,,thanks for the articel,,i success install kitkat on my android, but I did not find the menu option Developer to enable usb debugging,, please help me

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for the query. You can turn on/off you usb debugging by going to: Settings>>Developer Options(4th option in System settings)>> check/uncheck Android debugging option!


  37. hAY

    after I install kitkat, android usb debugging on my android not detected in flashtoll, can you help me? thanks

    1. Hi.

      I’m not getting you. Can you please explain your issue?


      1. Hi Akhil,

        I am encountering the same issue as hary.

        When I plug my Xperia Ray to my laptop and open Flashtool (to try re-flashing and downgrade to Jellybean) its not being detected that my Xperia Ray is plugged in.

        So basically, we’re stuck with this as we are unable to re-flash our Rays?

        Although I like the way it feels, quite fast actually. And managed to resolve the low memory by partitioning my 4GB SD Card to 2.5GB and dedicating the rest (via Link2SD) to ext2 Phone Memory.

        I followed the guide below, might need to skip the first few parts:

  38. hai,
    camera was working fine ,but it gives clear pics only when i take close up shots.
    for long range shot it was not so good.
    what happen?
    (camera is only problem for all custom rom)

    1. Hi.

      This is the major issue on most of the Custom ROM. I hope, this will resolve on future updates!


      1. Probably not? It has been commented in forums that its not likely to be resolved by future updates. Apparently Sony has not released drivers for the cam or such. If you want cam to work better, there is no option but to stick to ICS. And its difficult to go back to Sony’s buggy and sluggish ICS after using these custom ROMs.

        This is really a huge disadvantage.

        1. That’s very disappointing.


  39. hi there

    i wanna ask what should i do if i accidentally flash my android before i paste the rom and gapps zip inside my smartphone?

    i previously used that sjb 8.0 rom..hope you can reply me asap..thanks

    1. Hi Akmal

      Just remove the SD card and copy the files to the SD card using a card reader.


  40. Thanks for the excellent guide!

    1. Thanks Dinho 🙂

  41. how much internal memory is occupied by this rom?

    1. Hi Dinesh.

      You will get more than 250MB free memory.


  42. Wifi is working properly?

    1. Hi Dinesh.

      WiFi is working fine.


  43. i just download it and finish 🙂 I will try to move to 4.4.2 now ….. i will give a comment after done….

    1. Hi ikhwan.

      I’m waiting for your feedback 🙂


  44. i already read this article . thax f this

    but i already installed viper 6.0 which is best ever rom that i ever have on my ray

    could you upload your xperiance or review vidéo for this rom on your device?
    jus make sure that this rom can change my mine

    thax u So much

    sory f bad english

    1. Hi Johanes.

      I will do that, and Update you.


      1. Hi Akhil

        thaxs f quick respons

        still waiting and update

        large of thax Budy

        1. Always happy to help you.


  45. I have successfully installed Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS in my Sony Xperia Ray.after 15 minute i had turn on phone but it only show pac oms boot image only .what can i do….plz help

    1. Hi.

      Looks like, you started your device immediately after flashing:) Anyway, Remove your battery for 15min. Then insert your battery and try again.


  46. given kit kat link not working i have download pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140413-211229 rom and try to install .it install correctly but phone does not start struck when booot plz help

    1. Hi Udana.

      Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced. Link updated.


  47. Link for the KitKat rom show no files to download.

    1. I have updated the link 🙂


  48. Dear Akhil,

    I tried to download the KitKat Rom and Gapps from the links in your article but it seems that the files are missing.
    Is there another link I can download the files?


    1. Hi Hong.

      Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced.I have updated the link. Now you can download all the files from single download folder. Please check now, and update me.


      1. Dear Akhil,

        Thanks for fixing the broken link! It works fine now!


        1. Hi.

          Thanks for the feedback.

  49. i don’t see any file to download from the download link for rom and gapps. please help.

    1. Hi Sam.

      Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced.I have updated the link. Now you can download all the files from single download folder. Please check now, and update me.


      1. please fix the link for flashtool also…

        1. Thanks sam. Link updated 🙂

  50. links don’t work, you can fix it? thanks
    KitKat ROM (pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251)
    Gapps (gapps-kk-20140105-signed)

    1. Hi caesar.

      Thank you reporting broken link. By the way, I have updated the link. Now you can download all the files from single download folder. Please check now, and update me.


  51. Hi Akhil,
    I had upgraded my phone 2.3 GB to 4.0.4 ICS one year ago. after upgrade i am facing problems with Bluetooth & Wifi is not working if i upgraded to 4.4.2 Kikat when i get Bluetooth &b Wifi propely functioning.
    Awaiting for your response.

    1. Hi Khaja.

      Sorry for the late reply. Give it a try, may be you issue will be solved in new ROM. Because, it is working fine on most of the devices.


  52. hai ., akhil , im fan for your jobs
    i have little problem here ,
    all the process is going through like the instruction ,
    but i stuck when i try to>>choose zip from /storage/sdcard0>>pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251>>yes – install pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251..
    it said it was failed , so i try to repeat the process it like take forever to wait until my phone battery is drain , so do you have any solution here ? tq

    1. Hi Fie.

      Sorry for the late reply. Exams are going on 🙁

      This issue may occur due to corruption of zipped package or a hardware issue(ROM).

      Try this:

      1. Download the package one more time and try again.


      2. Try the whole step one more time.

      If these not worked, then the issue is with your ROM 🙁

      Then, you need to contact the nearest Sony service center.

      Hope this helps.


  53. Hi Akhil,

    Will you consider creating a guide for MIUI for Xperia Ray as well? It has very nice interface!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Asche.

      Let me check 🙂


  54. Hi Akhil,

    I have my xperia ray 4.0.4 into kitkat 4.4.2. Its good working. nice job.


    1. Hi Ganganatha.

      Thank you for your feedback


      1. Hi Akhil,

        I have updated google camera from google play store, but some options are not shown on camera like “Lens Blur, Photo Sphare, Panorama and HDB+”. Tell me what is wrong???


        1. Hi.

          Did you tried any other camera apps? If not, give it a try.


  55. Hi Akhil,

    Hope you are doing well,
    I followed the above process step by step but after step2:
    on my mobile PACROMS is keep on displaying without any response.
    It is almost 30 mins its been there like this.

    the previous step log is :

    22/055/2014 08:55:01 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    22/055/2014 08:55:01 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    22/055/2014 08:55:11 – INFO – Device connected with USB debugging on
    22/055/2014 08:55:16 – INFO – Connected device : SonyEricson Xperia Ray
    22/055/2014 08:55:17 – INFO – Installed version of busybox : BusyBox v1.18.4 (2011-04-04 18:40:20 CDT) multi-call binary.
    22/055/2014 08:55:17 – INFO – Android version : 4.0.4 / kernel version : / Build number : 4.1.B.0.587
    22/055/2014 08:55:17 – INFO – Checking root access
    22/055/2014 08:55:23 – INFO – Root Access Allowed
    22/055/2014 08:55:24 – INFO – Installing toolbox to device…
    22/055/2014 08:55:24 – INFO – Pushing C:Flashtoolcustomrootftkit.tar to /data/local/tmp
    22/055/2014 08:55:26 – INFO – Running installftkit as root thru sysrun
    22/056/2014 08:56:36 – INFO – Please wait device is rebooting into fastboot mode (via ADB)
    22/056/2014 08:56:41 – INFO – Device will soon enter fastboot mode
    22/056/2014 08:56:41 – INFO – Device disconnected
    22/056/2014 08:56:43 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    22/001/2014 09:01:56 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): C:UsersSridharDesktopsony root442boot.img
    22/001/2014 09:01:56 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – sending 'boot' (8832 KB)…
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) USB download speed was 4521984kB/s
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – OKAY [ 0.993s]
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – writing 'boot'…
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) Download buffer format: boot IMG
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) Flash of partition 'boot' requested
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) S1 partID 0x00000003, block 0x00000148-0x00000179
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) Erase operation complete, 0 bad blocks encountered
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) Flashing…
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – (bootloader) Flash operation complete
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – OKAY [ 1.562s]
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – finished. total time: 2.555s
    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (8832 KB)…
    (bootloader) USB download speed was 4521984kB/s
    OKAY [ 0.993s]
    writing 'boot'…
    (bootloader) Download buffer format: boot IMG
    (bootloader) Flash of partition 'boot' requested
    (bootloader) S1 partID 0x00000003, block 0x00000148-0x00000179
    (bootloader) Erase operation complete, 0 bad blocks encountered
    (bootloader) Flashing…
    (bootloader) Flash operation complete
    OKAY [ 1.562s]
    finished. total time: 2.555s

    22/001/2014 09:01:59 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system
    22/002/2014 09:02:41 – INFO – Device will now exit fastboot mode and start booting into system
    22/002/2014 09:02:41 – INFO – Device disconnected

    please help.

    1. Hi srikanth.

      Sorry for the late reply. You log looks fine. This is a minor issue. May be a restart or repeating the last step may resolve your issue.

      Note:You need to wait minimum 15min after flashing, before going to turn on the device.


  56. hai
    I successfully unlock the poweramp full version!!
    without spent any money!!


    1. Hey.

      I know, how you did that 🙂 By the way. Now I’m busy with my exams. I will post an article more about this.


  57. I was succesful install the pac kk..but it doesent have play store?help!!!

    1. Hello Roy.

      Are you sure? Play store is included in the gapps. Did you installed the gapps package completely without any errors?

  58. Hi thanks for uploading this guide. If something happen, are u going to be able to install the ISC on xperia with pc companion? Thank you

    1. Hi.

      If you don’t like this ROM, you can revert it to the original stock ROM by using emma and PC suite.


  59. Hey Akhil,

    after a long hard fight, i finally installed kitkat. Thank you very much!
    I am very stunnend by the new performence and the range of settings 🙂

    1. Hi Ben.

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. Keep in touch with NetMascots.


  60. Hi Akhil,

    Links are down for KitKat 4.4.2 ROM Files And Gapps. Can you reup pleaase. Thank you.

    1. Hi Brian.

      Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced. I have updated the link. Please check now. Thank you for notifying me.


  61. Hi Akhil,

    Can you please update link for KitKat 4.4.2 ROM Files And Gapps. Thank you.

    1. Hi Brian.

      Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced. I have updated the link. Please check now. Thank you for notifying me.


  62. Too bad, KitKat is to slow for my phone.
    Downgraded back to Jelly Bean.
    I will look forward for better performance.

    1. Hi Rainer.

      Speed and performance may differ in different devices. Because, everyone are not using the same apps. Try to optimize apps.

      I hope, future updates will resolve the performance issues.


  63. hi,
    im getting this when i try to install .plz help me

    this package is for “ST18i,ST18a,urushi” deives
    ; this is “huida”.
    E:Error in/storage/sdcard0/Kitkat/Kitkat 4.4.2
    for sony Xperia Ray/
    (status 7)
    installation aboarted.

    1. Sorry.. that was my mistake,i flash the phone for jellybeans and tried to install kitkat rom. then i installed jellyBean rom perfectly. works fine. but unfortunatly google voice search crashes. anyway… great work akhil,keep up good work. now im going to install kitkat…. 🙂

      1. Hi Malith.

        Thank you very much for your valuable comment.

    2. Hi Malith.

      What is your device model name? Is it ST18? Are you on ICS?


  64. Gr8 work dude. keep going

    1. Hi Mohamed.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  65. Hi Akhil, now I’m doing the installation on my ray Kitkat, I want to ask if I can format after completion of my SD card and I will be partitioned my SD card into 3 parts: the first for SD storage, both for Link2SD, the third to increase the RAM, what do you think?
    if good, how composition is right for kertu partition my SD (4Gb, xperia ray micro SD)?

    1. Hi.

      I lost my 8GB SD card because of doing partition. So, my suggestion is to don’t partition your SD card.

  66. Hi, akhil..
    i am interested to root my xperia ray..
    can you tell me what is the size of rom files. as it is not mentioned here while downloading. i am using a slow connection, if the size is high i will download from somewhere else… plz reply..

    1. Hi Prem.

      Sorry for the late reply. Go the new download page: You can see the full file details there.

      Total file count:3
      Total Size: 256.6MB



    1. Hi Yogarajan.

      You are saying how did you unlocked the poweramp music player for free. This is called software theft and piracy. I’m completely against for these type of illegal methods. As an Android Developer, we need to respect the hard-work of the app developer and support him by purchasing the apps. I will publish a detailed article on purchasing google play apps easily without using a credit card.


  68. hai akhil, i am having 4.0.4 on my xperia ray.. do i hav to root for installing kitkat?? how can it be done?

  69. Hi

    There are no installation files on the provided link.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for the notification. “copy” website sucks. They are very buggy. So, I moved my all files to an another file sharing service. Now all links works fine.


  70. its very slooooooooooooooooooooow akhil… help me. JB is bezt. very fast

    1. Hi.

      Are you sure? But, I have different opinion!

  71. hello.
    i tried ti install kitkta on xperia ray folowing this tutorial
    It gave me an error at the install process and now my phone wont boot past the sony logo.
    It’s stuck at the logo.

    i tried using the sony pc companion and the update service with no luck.

    any sugestions?

    1. Hi.

      Can you please provide me the error code/screenshot?


  72. Links are down on KitKat 4.4.2 ROM Files

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for the notification. copy website sucks. They are very buggy. So, I moved my all files to an another file sharing service. Now all links works fine.


  73. After I flashbooted the device I pressed Reboot device into system as the instructions says here

    But it never moves from the Pac Rom image

  74. I successfully installed Kitkat in my Xperia Ray everything’s fine except that DropBox app can’t seem to access the internet but all the other apps can.

    1. Hi.

      I have installed dropbox and tested for you. Works fine for me. By the way, are you using the latest version of dropbox? Are you using any antivirus apps that having Firewall? If yes, try to disable your anti-virus and try again. Please check it and update me.


      1. It works now, I reinstalled the Dropbox app from the Play Store, it works perfectly now. Thanks, Awesome guide hope you can make more in the future Android updates.

        1. Hi.

          Glad to know that. Don’t forget to subscribe us for future post updates. After this busy schedule, I’m going to publish some exclusive articles:)


  75. is there any way to increase the internal memory of ray.i have read in a blog that by partioning ur sd card it is possible…can i do this? please help

    1. Hi Krishna.

      It may corrupt your drive. I won’t recommend that.


    2. I have partitioned my card and have been using app2sd for several months now. Haven’t experienced any corruption till date. Using a 8 GB Sandisk (class 4). Corruption or not, its impossible to use the Ray without doing this. The internal memory is so less, especially after installing this ROM, that I wouldn’t be able to even install the most minimal set of apps that I need. I’m not sure what kind of corruption is being referred to, but if its some permanent form of corruption, one can always claim warranty for the card. Buy a good card like Sandisk with 5 year warranty… or maybe a Transcend with Lifetime warranty (though I have no idea how they define “lifetime”). Strontium too has 5 year warranty now, I believe.

      However, I’m not very happy with this ROM. It works fast and smooth after rebooting. But just around 24 hrs (or less, depending on usage), the free/available RAM reduces so much that it starts lagging like hell and apps even start crashing. The stock ICS ROM used to go for 8 days (maybe even more, I’v not checked beyond that) without needing to reboot. So I find this KitKat ROM quite unstable. Its like its got a memory leak. Is anybody else experiencing this?

      The camera quality also seems to have degraded. Though after using Vignette, and playing the settings, there is some improvement, and you can enable auto flash.

      1. Hi.

        You have done a great research. You are right, this ROM is not a perfect. But, in the next stable release, all the issues will be resolved. So, wait for the next stable release of Sony Xperia Ray KitKat 🙂


  76. hello! i already install kitkat on my xperia ray.thank you very much.i have only problem with the battery its draining there a solution for it?
    also can is it possible to change to other custom rom?ex. viper , is it possible?thanks!

  77. Hi
    Did your rom suport persian language?
    I live in iran

  78. Everything went smoothly on Xperia Ray (ST18i) with czech language. Thank you very much for this tutorial. The only problem was downloading from – I thought I won’t be able to download it from there, because it always said “Download has started”, but there was no started download 🙂

  79. Hi, I’m currently running android 4.4.2 using the xperialegacy rom on my xperia ray. The problem is I need to download and flash when there’s an update. Would u recommend PAC ROM compared to my current ROM. Does this support automatic update? Thanks

  80. .Nigth Sir..
    .thanks a lot for the tutorial, .this My first experiment, and now I already enjoy kitkat inside my xperia ray without any issue..
    .but ..can I creat my own themes for my RAY include lock screen ,icon .and many more..
    please help .I was tired of searching in google for themes creator ..

  81. Hi Akhil
    My Ray up to JฺฺB it’s work. but when I up to KK successfully installed after 15 minute i had turn on phone but it only show pac roms loading image only and I try to wait but more than 30 minute still loading!
    What can I do or can I install back to JB??

  82. Hi Akhil,

    I recently updated my xperia ray from ICS to SJB 8.0. This works fine, my phone got really faster! Since I updated ray, I noticed problems with the Wifi connections. Sometimes it worked, but often not.

    Ok, then I updated to Kitkat 4.4.2. Everything works well but now my Wifi doesn’t work at all! In the settings menu, the wifi button is off, and when I tap in, there stays Turning Wifi on…Nothing happened! I can’t use my wifi connection.

    Pls help!


  83. Hi, thank you for the useful guide. Is it a problem if it takes more than 30min to load the first time (currently not completed)?

  84. Hi akhil

    Thanks for this helpful guide I am now running KitKat in xperia ray….hurray !

    1. Hi.

      Thank you for your valuable comment. I really appreciate it.


  85. Hey aakhil. thanxx dude. after a long effort trying to install a custom rom , your method was the succesfull one 🙂 . it works fine. thanx. may god bless you dude

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for your inspiring comment.

      Please visit again.

  86. Files are not downloadable i cant download files

    plz update some another link


    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have uploaded all the files to another hosting website. Now all links are working fine.


  87. what can i do for the heating problem??

    1. Hi.

      Main issue of our device. Sony support says, just neglect it! But, heating problem causes board issues 🙁 It is happened to me 🙁

  88. Hi Akhil,
    I am using Sony ericsson xperia ray (st18i). And I am having a Problem of black screen whle answering a call and when i put my phone idle for sometime…Switching the power button 3 times fastly unlock the device.but still it’s a problem right. I googled and got many answers like hardware problem, software problem etc..can u help me on this? I am asking this because i am going to flash kitkat to my device ( currently running superjellybean custom rom).While flashing it’s risky and less probable for getting the recovery screen…i had hardly seen 2 or 3 times the logo of super jelly bean in these 6 or 8 months while restarting.So can u suggest another method for flashing. Help will be really appreciated .

    1. Hi Shoukath

      Finally, a new Sony Xperia Ray is going to dead! I’m also having this issue:

      This is a motherboard issue. As per the sony support, the only solution is replacing the motherboard! No other solutions.

      Sony Sucks!

  89. Hi,

    I have instaled this rom and everything was OK until I turn on bluetooth.
    When I turn on bluetooth the battery drain is increased (10% per hour).
    I tried too with new version PAC rom for Xperia Ray but it is the same.
    I would like to use this rom but with that draining I will go back to original rom.
    Is there any solutions?

    1. Hi.

      Next update is coming. Please be patient. This issue will be resolved.


  90. Have made it! Thank you man! Added you on FB. 🙂

    1. Request accepted 🙂

  91. ive seen it has built in screen recorder , can we use it ? coz it says a warning that it is only on devices with 1 GB ram .. can we use the screen recorder or not ?

  92. Thnx man a lot..freinds floow the instructions and enjoy..u r great Akhil..

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for your inspiring comment.

      Please visit again.

  93. Hi,

    I’ve successfully installed the pacman on my xperya ray… very nice.

    I’ve just a question.

    the bluetooth mac address of my stock rom was
    20:54:76:XX:XX:XX (20:54:76 SonyMobi # Sony Mobile Communications AB)

    the pacman rom now has:
    00:18:31:XX:XX:XX (00:18:31 TexasIns # Texas Instruments)

    is there a way to reset the original one? whuld you check what’s your bluetooth mac address
    (just a note: the wifi mac-address is the same as the stock rom…)

    ( anyway useful thread this one 🙂 )

  94. hi!
    I just flashed the kernel and now my phone is stuck on a screen saying “PAC ROMS”. Please help me with it!
    Thank you

  95. dear akhil will you plz update the links as current links are not working,
    and i like to try it out

    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have uploaded all the files to another hosting website. Now all links are working fine.


  96. Hello! KitKat is great (till now) This was my first attempt in installing a Custom ROM and feels good.

    The only problem I faced was for the FastBoot Driver In Windows 64Bit. THe problem was resolved here.

    Thanks for your time and efforts!

    1. Hi.

      Thank you for your valuable comment. I really appreciate it.


  97. I have successfully installed thank u so much,and by the way i dont find the fm radio app please help…..

    1. Hi.

      Thank you for your valuable comment. I really appreciate it. I will update you soon about FM radio.


  98. I have a problem….

    26/032/2014 15:32:57 – INFO – Device connected with USB debugging on
    26/032/2014 15:32:57 – INFO – Connected device : SonyEricson Xperia Ray
    26/032/2014 15:32:57 – INFO – Installed version of busybox : BusyBox v1.18.4 (2011-04-04 18:40:20 CDT) multi-call binary.
    26/032/2014 15:32:57 – INFO – Android version : 4.0.4 / kernel version : / Build number : 4.1.B.0.587
    26/032/2014 15:32:57 – INFO – Checking root access
    26/032/2014 15:32:58 – INFO – Root Access Allowed
    26/035/2014 15:35:23 – INFO – Please wait device is rebooting into fastboot mode (via ADB)
    26/035/2014 15:35:31 – INFO – Device will soon enter fastboot mode
    26/035/2014 15:35:32 – INFO – Device disconnected
    26/035/2014 15:35:34 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    26/035/2014 15:35:57 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): C:Flashtoolfirmwaresboot.img
    26/035/2014 15:35:57 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    26/035/2014 15:35:57 – INFO – sending ‘boot’ (8832 KB)…
    26/035/2014 15:35:57 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    26/035/2014 15:35:57 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
    26/035/2014 15:35:57 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending ‘boot’ (8832 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    I’m sure my device is rooted…done it twice and checked also with root check app….so where is the problem pls?

    1. Never mind….figured it out…i didn’t do bootloader unlock….you don’t have this step in this article…

      Just finished installation…waiting 15minutes and try it out…hope everything’s fine…
      Perfect tutorial!


      1. Hi.

        Thank you for your valuable comment. I really appreciate it.


  99. thnx man this is so helpful , great work 😀

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for the feedback:)

  100. Hello, I have completed the installation successfully. Everything works fine, there is just one issue with “flight mode”. When going from flight mode to online, the phone does not connect to the GSM network (WiFi works). If I try to manually search for a network I just get an error message. It helps rebooting the phone. Is this a known issue, any solution? Thank you.

  101. how to update my zen ultrafone 701 hd to android kikat 4.4.2?can it be done?

    1. Hi.

      May be procedures will help. But, the files are not compatible.


  102. Thanks, I’m running KitKat now and haven’t get problems jet.

    1. Hi Kevin

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  103. Hi,
    I m getting error as Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped. Blame the split screen,
    the process has stopped. Blame the split screen

    tell me the resolution for this issue

    1. Hi.

      Some apps may be not compatible. This issue will be fixed on the next coming update.

  104. sir,
    can you help me to get poweramp pro version witout going to playstore…i am using ray

    1. Hi Sreelakshmi.

      Poweramp is a paid app and you need to purchase it after using the trail. Using illegal version is harmful to your device. If you are interested, I can help you to buy it.


  105. hello Akhil K A

    thanks brother for ur tutorial……this rom is exceptional….the way my device work on it really made me crazy….
    only one thing is that alarm is not working every time i open app its crashes….not the big matter for me….
    and also i don’t want qwerty keypad can u suggest me how to change it to t9 keypad…..

    1. Hi.

      Did you tried “Go Keyboard”?

  106. any other easy way to boot loader unlocking

    1. Hi.

      Sorry to say no:(

  107. hai ,
    how to enable the auto flash(in camera) in the xperia ray?
    Is there any solution other than VIGNETTE APP?

    1. Hi.

      I have tied lots of apps. None of them is working!

  108. .nigth sir ..thanks for the packMan
    .that’s awesome room ..and d you have same custom room for lenovo a360i .?

    1. Hi.

      Tutorial will be posted soon.


  109. ok done with download. You have to download all file at once.

  110. Dear Akhil,
    I really like this ROM, but i am missing some of legacy/original features like

    1. xperia keyboard (somebody did it [Ver. 6.3.A but eating my RAM & not getting fit to screen exactly as previous one,i think you can do some tweak with that.)
    2. Walkman ( i am able to install the version 7.15 in Ray but it also eating my RAM & its not working
    as default music app & not working as integrated one)
    3. xperia gallary.
    4. Facebook integration( atleast facebook contact sync with FB images).
    5. (not much important BUT i like simple but great boot animation like xperia original one)


    Before this ROM i am on
    1. wifi 24×7.
    2. at-least 2hrs talking in conferencewith 2-3 frnds,
    3. & whats app & FB for around 2 hrs.

    with all this, battery last for around 30-35 hrs,
    but now with same activities it last for only 12 hrs “MAX”

    plz help

    & thanking YOU A LOT again for this nit & nice “KITKAT” .

    Waiting eagerly. for any updates.

    1. Hi.

      The next update is comming soon. You will be happy on the next update.


  111. After I flash my Xperia Ray, the last thing I do is rebooting my phone, but after It shows a logo, the screen went blank and there’s only a red light indicating, please help…

    1. Hi.

      Looks like your battery is drained. Recharge it and try gain.


  112. Hi, this time I installed the Jelly Bean OS and it successfully booted, the only problem is when it shows the welcome screen, I cant press anything, I can’t touch my screen anymore, please help me.

    1. Hi.

      Did you flashed the rom correctly? Try to re-install the ROM and gapps zipped files and wait 20min and then try to turn on the device.


  113. Stuck on PAC rom loading screen.What to do now? 🙁

    1. Hi Afsal.

      All you need is to wait for some time to cool the motherboard.


      1. i am stuck on the PACROMS loading screen too. Waiting for about 15 minutes on on.

  114. First time I have tried this procedure with a phone and whilst its a bit of a head scratcher just got to read all the instructions carefully.

    Only problem I had was the flash tool would not download. Just downloaded it from

    Now went from Gingerbread to Kitkat on my experia ray

    Cheers dude

    1. Hello.

      Thank you for spending your valuable time for comment here. This is my only inspiration. New awesome and helpful tips and tricks for android device is coming. Hope you are following NetMascots!


  115. Thanks for this great work. I just spent a few hours installing KitKat my XPeria Ray which had run empty
    on internal space with the old Android 4.0.4 even through mostly everything had been moved to the SD card. At this point KitKat seems to work great with ~100 MB of internal storage free even though I have installed a few more apps installed than I had before 🙂 Had to replace the “Launcher3” app with another launcher though. After each reboot, some of my icons on the home screen disappeared.

    1. Hi.

      Thank you for spending your valuable time to comment here. I’m using Apex Launcher. It rocks on my device. Did you tried that?


  116. hi,
    its amazing.
    now i am using kitkat in my xperia ray only with the help of ur tutorial.
    awesome performance!!!!!

    thanks bro…

    i have some queries…

    can we use different rom???
    is it possible to switch earlier version???

    1. Hello Sameer.

      Thanks for the inspiring comment. You are free to use any rom by following the same method I have used it here. Only difference is with the Kernel and the ROMS 🙂


  117. Bro, I Have Flashed It… Everything is fine except for the home button…. Home button is not working help me out… (i tried using on screen buttons but that home is also not working)

    1. Hi Chethan.

      Looks like ROM issue. Did you tried factory reset? Try to install once again.No need to flash, just install the two zipped files.


  118. thanks for tutorial… work for me… good job…

    1. Hi Mulyadi.

      Thanks for reading my article and thank you so much spending your valuable time to comment here. I really appreciate it.

      I hope you visit again.

  119. hey did everything on my xperia ray, but I am stuck on the pac roms loading screen and I do not know why. please help!!!

    1. Hi Ethan.

      It is normal in some devices. Just turn off the device for 15min and restart it. Still not working? Please let me know.


      1. it is still not working… please help

        1. Hi Ethen.

          May be this may be kernel issue or ROM issue. I suggest you to repeat the whole step again and restart the phone after 20min at-least. If not worked, try to downgrade to jell bean 8.0


  120. Can you please help me on this?
    I do have a rooted Xperia Ray (st 18i) with me. It have some hardware problem (Black screen issue)
    so the screen is black while restarting as well as while unlocking.I have hardly seen the logo of xperia once or twice.So the method you described is not possible for me.Ray is installed with the latest ICS version as your prerequisities mentioned.So the option, I think, that is possible is, flashing my phone with a ftf file of the Kitkat custom rom.I searched much and couldn’t find any such file for kitkat.I have ftf file for jelly bean and I have tried it, it works.Can you please help me on this ?
    Is there any other option?

    1. Hi Shoukath.

      I’m also having this hardware issue. This is a motherboard issue. The only solution is replacement of the mother board. FTF file is not available for this ROM. My solution is, just wait minimum 30min to cool the board and turn on the phone while you performing each restart. This is what I’m doing. Try it!


  121. Hey there,

    works fine good Job 🙂

    but a small overclock would be nice 🙂 (1,4GHz)? Maybe possible?
    Was searching a lot for a OC Kernel.. just found some for ICS 🙁

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Martin.

      Thanks for the comment. Overclock makes the device unstable and heating issue. Not good for the motherboard.

  122. Thank you for this HOW TO. It works like a charm.

    1. Hi Rahasia

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  123. Thanks works in one go…

    Only point which I noticed till now is that ‘Remove’ is not visible when you try to delete shortcut from home screen.

    1. Hi KD.

      That’s a good opinion. Thanks for your valuable comment.


  124. I can not run my device into recovery mode. Mine OS is ICS Official update.

    1. Hi.

      Did you tried the manual method (Pressing the volume key while booting) ?

  125. Hi, I upgraded to kitkat from jellybean. But found that battery life is really bad & wanted to downgrade back to jellybean. So, I flashed SuperFusionRay.img file as in “”. But I am not ale to enter into recovery mode. After superfusion logo, I get blank screen. Tried removing battery for 15 mins. But still not working. Can you pls help?

    1. Hi.

      Did you flash the jelly bean kernel? If not, flash it again and WAIT 20Min, and then install the 2 zipped files (ROM and gapps).


      1. Yes. That was the mistake. I restored original rom. Upgraded to 4.0.4, rooted & then reinstalled 4.1.2. Thanks

  126. I can not download boot.img file from that folder u shared. I tried to download all three files at once but the problem boot.img show corrupt. Please re-upload or suggest a solution.

    1. Hi Asiful.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have uploaded all the files to another hosting website. Now all links are working fine.


  127. Hi Akhil
    I’m using ray and android version 2.3.4, and you in one of your answers admitted i can directly update it to kitkat now i have a guestion: i’m from iran and do you think i would have some problem , you know because of sanction 🙁
    i really appreciate it

    1. Hello Roni.

      No problem. Go through it. But, kitkat is now having some bugs (Not major). Why don’t you try jelly bean. Just do a try, and wait for the next release of KitKat. This is just my opinion. What do you think?


  128. All work fine, thanks a lot!!

  129. .I have a little problem sir .but it’s not about kitkat on my ray .sorry
    ,yesterday I try to instal some custom rom for samsung
    .but if I insert sim card in to the phone ,there is just like a bot lop or whatever it’ calls.
    ..and if I turning on the phone without sim card .all is fine
    I allready try 3 or mybe 7 custom rom and steel I have same result .
    .please help .I’m stuck over here .coz the phone is working fine after I flash it.
    .do I missed something,??

  130. Hi
    The method worked flawlessly, got a kitkat running now. Except, big problem 🙁 the battery wont charge at all. It says charging when plugged in, but i see i the percentage going down steadily even though its plugged in. The indicator is now red color, last 12% left. Help! 🙁

  131. hi akhil,

    pac rom working fine & great. with some minor issues..

    apart i am waiting for next update very eager for it.


    1. new home screens shortcuts are not available after boot/reboot.
    2. very few widgets.
    3. cant install candy crush saga( dont know why, simply not working)
    4. contact sync with fb is not working or no fb integration like sony originally offers (that really amaging, sony’s one).

  132. Hi,
    thanks for the Kitkat update, Works awesome with my Xperia Ray

    Could you tell me how to install the file into the phone
    is it the same way as installing the OS

    1. I got it… !!!
      thanks again for this awesome update….. 🙂

      1. Hi.

        Thanks for your valuable comment. I’m going to update new useful articles from tomorrow. So, subscribe to NetMascots.


  133. Hey Akhil,

    since a few weeks i got the problem that i lose my mobil connection. The connection comes back after a reboot but lose it again after one day or sometimes two hours. I tried different settings and finally a factory reset but nothing helps. I hope you can give me some tips or a advice to fix that.

    Thank you.

  134. Hi,

    I want to update my xperia ray with kitkat version, I am able to download all the files but I am trying to download flash tool several times but it is not available to download..
    Please update latest flash tool, so that I can able to install KITKAT android version
    and also one click root is not working I have done as per tutorial and got the output too same as in screen shot, but when I check there is no SU app and I checked with root checker it says the phone is not rooted.. I have put flight mode and enebled USB debugging.. and ran the root file run as administrator

    Can you help me

  135. Hi Akhil

    Thanks a lot It’s work for me now but I want to know this rom can update by OTA? If is can how to do it?

    Thank you very much


  136. hay i have the problem when want to install rom, because my home button is broken and it can not function and I can not choose zip files from sd card ,Do you have a solution for me?

  137. hi

    my phone blank i mean black screen after start my phone and i dont see anything to select rom

    cant you help ?

  138. thanks for the guide… i need some help on how to open FM Radio with the kitkat now

  139. hi bro>>>>>>>>>
    i have problim with xperia ray … i had upgread it for android ics 4.0.1 …………
    Hello I have a problem
    When it is in standby mode and press the Open button remains a black screen that I do by clicking a few times and sometimes go …………… problem alone, what is the solution
    This is a link to one of the sites the same problem
    i hope you to help me as fast as you can
    sorry for my bad english

  140. I got errors installing pac urushi till I have done all this WIPE and FORMAT in the mount section

  141. Hi dear
    Does it support Persian language?

    1. Hi.

      Yes it is.


  142. Couldn’t download your latest flashtool, no problem, can download another, but, can’t get into recovery mode, even with pressing the down button repeatedly, what it does is load the phone in safe mode instead, using a xperia LT26i

  143. Thank you so much its works as u said.. n thanx a lot for ur clear step by step description rock on dude 🙂

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for you appreciation. Keep visiting and subscribe to NetMascots.

  144. Worked perfectly except the flashtool download link, never mind downloaded it from softpedia. Thanks

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for the comment. The link issue has been fixed.


  145. i can’t seem to download your kitkat custom rom from the one drive.why??

  146. Hi, Akhil how to bootlodar unlock my sony xperia ray (ST18I) plz help me.

  147. Hi Akhil

    Already I have installed this PACROM which has wifi problem but u rectified those problems, Now I hav CARBON custom rom which id LIGHTWEIGHT than this but having problem in wifi, Kindly help me to fix that problem in kernal.

  148. Hello Akhil,
    I am thinking of installing Kit kat 4.4.2 on my xperia ray
    The one thing I really need on it is offline radio, is this supported yet?
    Also when will the update be released? as I might wait until then to install it
    Thank you very much!

  149. Hello Akhil ,
    My sony xperia ray st8i is not starting . means it starts and not going ahead of xperia screen on start up . what to do . I dnt have any issues with back up . Tried to get it on recovery mode. but it is not going to recovery mode too. its just again and again restarting . coming upto Xperia screen and again restarting

  150. I hv installed the rom nd the Gapps then while rebooting it shows “Free Xperia Project” its been about 15 minuts .. any problem ? :/

  151. The ROM is Awseome,fast and More efficient to use!thx a lot sir.
    Can i uninstall some default Apps in the Rom using rootapp delete?(like apolo player and dsp manager).

    1. Sir when i play games,the phone crashes and it says blame the split screen,probably the ROM.Do you know how to fix this?thx sir

    2. Hi.

      You can un-install the un-necessary apps using “Titanium Root” app.

  152. thank you Akhil.

    this work well. feel so smooth and stable. 🙂

    1. Hi.

      Happy to know that.

      If you are having any issues, feel free to update me.


  153. Hi, I downgraded from kitkat to jellybean. I flashed SuperfusionRay.img but after rebooting and pressed volume down only once blink blue light. After that there’s only a red light indicating with blank screen. Pls help

  154. Hello Akhil,
    The upgrade went smooth. Thanks!
    I also had a battery drain, but I followed the procedure for the Xperia Z on Kitkat. Now I can do three days again without recharging.
    The only thing I’m missing is a (Dutch) dictionary in the SMS app. It only proposes from the contacts list now.
    Do you know a way to do this?

    1. Hello Akhil / All,

      I installed “User dictionary Manager”. It allows to easily import/clean up into the personal dictionary. It’s not perfect, but it does the job.


  155. Hi! I successfully installed the ROM, however upon switching on the phone it was stuck to the PACROMS logo. I pulled the battery and waited for another 15-20 mins, nothing happened. Please help.

  156. What recovery app to use?
    I have already rooted but it is uncompatible with the phone
    Does it really need to use the 4.1.a kernel?

  157. What recovery app to use?
    I have already rooted and downloaded rom manager cwm but it is uncompatible with the phone
    Does it really need to use the 4.1.a kernel?

  158. Can i upgrade kitkat directly from ICS or not…

  159. if i upgrade kitkat successfully and have some bug and problem, can i again upgrade iCs or not?

  160. Hi! Akhil, I was unable to download the flashtool pls help

    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the issue. It is fixed!


  161. installed it and works fine but i got a question, how do i change the my ringtone and notification? i dont like the built in

    1. and the contact i can’t delete or edit

      1. once the battery is drain the new contact that i just save was deleted

        1. Hi.

          Did you syncing your contacts with google? Are you saving the contacts in phone memory?

    2. Hi.

      Simple. Download ES file explorer. Play your custom ring tone from the file explorer and there is an option to set that tone as ringtone!


  162. Hi, I can’t check my rooting status. When I press the numbers ; *#*#7378423#*#* , service info isn’t opening. jelly bean 4.1.2 is installed in my xperia ray. Can you help me ?

  163. i am unable to download flash tool its showing connection error

    1. Hi.

      Please try again.

  164. Hi There…
    I have problem with my Play store. It’s nothing in Gapps. so, i try use on apk play store but didn’t work. maybe you can help me..

    1. Hi.

      Did you completed the gapps installation without errors?

  165. This is really great, thank you!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment!

  166. Hello Akhil,

    Thank you for this detailed, step-by-step, tutorial. 🙂 I was able to successfully use this ROM on my Xperia Ray ST18i.

    I’ve been using this for over a month now. But just recently, I have started missing the “feel” of Ray’s stock ROM, w/c is GB. And now, I wish to downgrade to GB. So I searched and found this tutorial of yours:

    Does this method work if I downgrade from this ROM (PACROM) back to GB stock ROM? And also, do you have/know of a custom GB ROM which has no bloatwares and bug-free,? (I just want the stability of the stock GB ROM but minus the bloatwares that comes with it.)

    If possible, please advice.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi.

      ICS is more stable and optimized than GB!

  167. Does anyone have any experience with never releases of KitKat from PAC ROMS? I’m reluctant to install them but I’m having some annoying SMS sending issues that I’d like to see fixed.

  168. not getting this level in succcess fuly….. sir

    1. Hi.

      Kindly explain.

  169. Whilst trying to install the zip file pac_uru… I have got E: error in /storage/sdcard0/pac_uru… (status 0) followed by installation aborted. I have tried this several times with the same result. My phone is now useless. Any help appreciated.

    1. Hi.

      Try to wipe data and wipe cache.

      1. I am so late but I am sure that your default apps installation location is memory card. Because update check firstly the hardware requirement, though you download correct rom but your default apps installation does not satisfy the criterion so the first abort status( status 0) is showing.

        1. Hi Chinmoy!

          Please explain your issue clearly. I’m happy to help you!

  170. Hi Akhil i’m trying to rooting my xperia ray ics to kitkat for a past few days i’m having all files that you asked to download but the problem is that when i m trying to do fastboot or unlocking the bootloader as you mention, my device also shown the blue light but in my pc there is no response at all. Also i m try to get response in command window it shows for time.Please help me.

    1. Hi.

      Did you tried One Click Root software for xperia ray? I have published an article!

  171. Hi Akhil.
    Why I can’t install the flashtool through this link:
    When I try to download, it shows this:
    “HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”

    1. Hi.

      That is temporary error. That is fixed and the site is working fine.


  172. my ray is not rooted.

  173. Hola Akhil!!
    Excelente tutorial,te agradezco mucho el apoyo hacia xperia ray.Muchas gracias!!!

    1. Hi.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Please do visit NetMascots and subscribe us to get latest updates.


  174. How to install cwm or higher on xperia ray

    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the late reply. Procedures are same. You can follow this post instructions.

  175. Hi Akhil,

    Thank you for the software and i have sucesfully installed it but there is problem am facing. I am unable to receive calls. when anyone calls me it automatically cuts the call . Can you help me in this issue.


    1. Hi.

      Did you followed the steps correctly? If yes, try a factory reset.

  176. Hi Akhil,

    Thanks for sharing. I have successfully updated my ROM, waited 15 mins to start again. Now I’m stuck at PAC ROMS loading screen for over 30 minutes now. Do I need to wait more or are we missing out something. If wait, what cut off should I keep in mind?

    Arya A.

    1. Hi.

      This is happening because of board temperature raising.

      So, just turn off the device and turn on after sometime.


  177. I installed Kitkat 4.4 as per your instructions. everything works pretty well, in fact awesome.
    I love the interface.
    Thanks for doing such good work. Hope you will be Developer in sony inc.

    But the problem i faced with kitkat 4.4 is that, I cannot use my mobile data, even after doing all accesspoint settings , the mobile don’t seem to use Gprs or 3g or H , as i don’t see the logo near the network bar, and no mobile data access.
    Can u suggest me a solution?

    1. Hi Ajay.

      Welcome to NetMascots,a and thanks for your compliments.

      In my phone, it is working fine. Did you tried factory reset? Because, some of the users fixed these type of issue by resetting the device.


      1. Same problem here. What implies a factory reset? Loosing all data & apps? Loosing kitkat-ROM and start over again? How do I do a factory reset?

        1. Hi.

          Go to settings and storage options, to restore your phone. Restoring will erase your all apps and app date from your device.


  178. Hello Akhil,
    I root my phone but when I reboot it recovery mode it just restart could found the further process.
    please give me advice if you can.

    1. Hi.

      Did you unlocked your boot loader?

  179. Seems to work very good, except… internet 3G bugs, internet worked fine on android 4.0.4, but on kitkat I seem to have hardly any internet connection. Sometimes it works, most of the time it does not!
    Any ideas?

    And I miss my FM radio!


    1. Actually I do see all logos (3G & H), whattapp seems to work most of the time, gmail and playstore only some of the times. Which proofs that login/password is ok.. But network connection is extremely unstable (95% off!)

  180. My Phone is starting Rom but it loads and loads since 20 min to get to the settup.Please help.

  181. So far so good, custom 3G settings did the trick. But:
    – FM radio not available and Spirit 1 (= FM radio) app does not function
    – GPS also does not function. Tried different GPS-apps, they all keep searching for signal
    – Minor problem: Wifi enabled crashes phone (remove battery necessary)
    Can you help out?

  182. hello

    i need your help, my xperia ray phone cannot enter to recovery mode

  183. can somebody help me

  184. dude happy to see the new kitkat rom for our xperia. i’ve completed installing the rom and gapps, thing’s i’ve noticed after installing were as follows:

    1.sound through headphones are terrible(sounds like we are on a mountain)
    2.while scrollling fastly in stock browser a green thing appeas from the bottom and spreads upward when we stop scrolling it ends.

    anyway thanks for the procedure dude!!!!

  185. working really great. Need to check on for any bug.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      1. I installed Kitkat 4.4 as per your instructions. everything works (gps , 3g,2g wifi) well, in fact awesome.
        I love the interface.

        Now i am facing the issue typing keypad stocking and some time disappear. can you help pls?

  186. Helo
    Please help me instal kitkat
    Mere phone bootloader unlock he or phone root bi he or flash bi karliya lekin rom file instal nahi ho pa rahi hai please help..

  187. Same probem srikant please cheak srikant post

  188. Yay thanks, it worked fine

  189. Hi the flash tool link is download page is no longer working..when i tried to download windows version it say the page unavailable. Where can i download it any other place?

  190. This ROM is you make it yourself? Or from this website ( directly on the move? Of particular interest to me is the kernel, this ROM province electricity? I am particularly concerned about this version of the battery is to save electricity? Thank you can tell me in detail

  191. I took the chance of installing the latest PAC ROM for Xperia Ray today ( I used the boot.img included in the .zip file and used the same Google Apps as is used in the example above. Everything seems to work and my problems with sending long SMS’es is not an issue anymore. 🙂

  192. I just try to Flash it, Unlock done but it seems like stuck on sony logo in order to Flash the kernel .img file

    Can you help me please

  193. hi akhil,how r u?

    is there any new update available for xperia ray?
    when will u give the next upate?

    i am waiting…..

  194. Finally I done but now the touch is not working???

    What shall I Do?

  195. Please update the links. If I’d installed, it was aborted everytime.

  196. Good day Sir Akhil, is this kk custom rom has no issue on mobile data connection .? coz I just finish installing the JB custom ROM V6 and i got this problem that the data connection on Custom JB rom V6 is not working. I tried reflashing the rom(urushi_fusion_5.4.img) and reinstall the zip file(Super Jelly Bean 6.0 and gapps-jb-20130624-sjb on sdcard, and still the same….. the mobile Data connection is not working. I like your work by the way. easy steps to follow. two thumbs up!

  197. thank you

  198. Hello, I just did it. Thank you. Working fine so far. Setting up in progress… 🙂

  199. i just cant get my rays bootloader unlocked. i tried many ways. but something related to abd driver is not working. i tried to update the fastboot driver with that provided by sony. but it showed some signature errors so that i couldnt run my phone on fastboot mode. pls help me.
    thank u

  200. Hi Sir,,

    OTA Rom Updates
    Build Available on server :
    no updates found on server or The split Screen Broke Something
    How to fix ?

    My Ray error:
    Has Stopped Blame the split screen ..
    Thanks 🙂

    I’am From Indonesia
    I’am Following for upgrade my Ray . JellyBean 4.1.2 and Kitkat 4.4.2
    all tutorial from successfully on my ray . Thanks Very Much 🙂

  201. 16/010/2014 16:10:04 – INFO – Please wait device is rebooting into fastboot mode (via ADB)
    16/010/2014 16:10:11 – INFO – Device will soon enter fastboot mode
    16/010/2014 16:10:11 – INFO – Device disconnected
    16/010/2014 16:10:15 – ERROR – Drivers need to be installed for connected device.
    16/010/2014 16:10:15 – ERROR – You can find them in the drivers folder of Flashtool.

    I installed the all the drivers but it still show the same message.

  202. i have copy KitKat ROM file (pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251) and Gapps (gapps-kk-20140105-signed) to the SD card.

    But when in the recovery i can’t find copy KitKat ROM file (pac_urushi_4.4.Alpha-1_20140314-072251) and Gapps (gapps-kk-20140105-signed) in the sd card.. :'(

    Now what? Please help me? :'(

  203. Dear Akhil,
    No new articles for long time…can we expect a lollipop version for our ray?
    My camera is too slow and video is not smooth after installing kitkat,any solution ?

  204. hey Akhil K A,
    i tried xda-developers but your guide is so simple thanks a million

    1. Dear akhil,
      can i put other roms aswell if so please suggest

  205. my xperia ray is running on ICS 4.0.4 and to update to kitkat do i have to install clockworkmode just like in the jellybean installation tutorial.

    is there any method to do this from computer using sony mobile flasher -androxyde using USB.

  206. Hi Akhil

    i’m stuck with the bootloader unlocking, whenever i try it says “waiting for the device”. can you help me with this.

  207. hey akhil
    there are some bugs
    1. network has a problem
    2. how can i put system apps to sd card

  208. Hi,
    does the custom ROM have also other languages than English included i.e. German or French?

  209. i have a question i have rooted my xperia ray st18i and i have unlocked the bootloader, am i able to go to bootloader or recovery mode without procceing any thing else? if yes how?

  210. Hi
    Thank you for a fantastic instruction – really enjoying my ray with 4.4.2 android.
    To be picky I would like to install the old sony camera app which took better photos and was quicker.

    Anyway after a couple of weeks of usage I just realized that WIFI tethering does not function. This really is bad news for me 🙁
    I am hoping that someone has a solution.

    When I turn it on you can connect your computer and surf but then after 5-60 seconds the WIFI signal just dissapears (the quicker if you surf around heavily). Then when you turn off and then on the wifi sharing the phone crashes and reboots.

    I am not sure how to find fault codes so I do not know what the fault is.
    I installed barnacle wifi tether and it says “unable to open ./wifi no such file or directory
    Could this be it? where do I find a complete /wifi ?

    thanks for any feedback

  211. Pac console has stopped, Blame The Split Screen ….. ???

    Wechat has stopped, Blame The Split Screen ….. ???

    Almost everything has stopped ……

  212. Dear bro,tnx for helping us……………

    For Windows users, when asked for a driver, point to the usb_driver folder where you placed the android_winusb.inf-file, and select the Android Boot loader Interface-file……..

    i’m stuck on this….i mean my computer dont ask me for a driver.i tried to manually bootloader but then it say’s waiting for device….. plzzz help me out….. my model is xperia ray st1a……
    Tnx in advance

  213. It does work (althought it is still very complicated and not recommended for beginners at all).

    4.4.2. is pretty on my xperia ray but most definitely a lot slower AND a lot, lot more unstable. Settings>Apps gives me a 50% chance of crash.

    Booting takes decades and the animation is terrible, but ok.

    I wonder why it is so mich slower than 4.0…

    Anyway, ok guide, managed it with the help of a few other sites.

  214. Dear bro,
    i’m stuck on bootloader unlocking…..after the blue light comes on my computer dont ask me for driver selection….even i want to search driver manually there is no driver at all…..but when i turn on the phone i see the driver…..plzzzz help me…….if i need driver then plzzz give me the url of it….
    i’m really counting on u brother.

  215. Hi!
    I had rooted my ST18i and unblocked the bootloader. It was running ICS. I wanted to flash it to KitKat but couldn’t find the flash tool you used in this tutorial. So I used Emma, the Sony flash tool. I copied the Kitkat for Sony Xperia file + the Google file to the SD card with mass storage mode. Then I went and flashed with Emma, and now my phone is flashed back to 2.3!
    It looks unrooted and I have no idea what to do. There is no superuser app and I’m not even sure whether the bootloader is still unlocked.
    I wanted to run Kitkat and get a second partition. Please help!

  216. Hi Akhil,

    I’m still facing a problem while trying to install this ROM on my phone.

    This is the output I get from Flashtool:

    01/000/2015 18:00:36 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    01/000/2015 18:00:38 – INFO – Flash canceled
    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): D:Phoneboot (1).img
    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – sending ‘boot’ (8832 KB)…
    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.000s
    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending ‘boot’ (8832 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.000s

    01/000/2015 18:00:50 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

    Here’s the thing though, I have rooted my phone. I followed the steps on rooting, and it worked successfully (I even have the SuperUser app installed after the rooting process, and I’ve cross-checked with Root Checker Basic just to be sure)

    Here are a few more details for you:

    01/013/2015 18:13:19 – INFO – Connected device : SonyEricson Xperia Ray
    01/013/2015 18:13:19 – INFO – Installed version of busybox : BusyBox v1.22.1-Stericson (2014-01-25 17:27:18 CET) multi-call binary.
    01/013/2015 18:13:19 – INFO – Android version : 4.0.4 / kernel version : / Build number : 4.1.B.0.587
    01/013/2015 18:13:19 – INFO – Checking root access
    01/013/2015 18:13:20 – INFO – Root Access Allowed

    Any advice..

  217. bro, xperia ray kitkat pretty good but some downloaded apps cant play especially ayakashi ghost guild. i dont want miss my daily items(silver apples) to get new cards.

    is there any fix this on my xperia ray kitkat? i tried everything to disable or reset google play but nothings works. well i guess i want change back to jelly bean 8.0. Anyway, thanks for kitkat. its pretty amazing rom

  218. Hi, I did followed the instruction and successfully installed Kit Kat on my xperia Ray, but after that, the screen went blank, I can’t even go to the setting mode now, please help

  219. working wery good but clock not working

  220. Wonderful, thanks!

  221. I have 4.0.4 rooted but locked bootloader. Can i still install this on my Ray?

  222. hi.
    rom working very good.
    i want to expand ram device by ROEHSOFT RAM Expander SWAP.
    but after install the software menu is not complete.
    is this swap support kernel ?
    Which software do you recommend ?

  223. When i try to install Driver(fastboot) for xperia ray it’s give an error
    how can i fix it?

  224. working really great, but battery draining faster than before
    thanks 🙂

  225. I canot start recovery mode in xperia ray..why..?

  226. Thank you very much for this detailed tutorial… still took a few hours to get everything working, but it was totally worth it. No bugs or problems so far.

    1. Hello Thomas,

      Thank you so much for showing your satisfaction to other users. I’m really thankful to you for spending your valuable time for NetMascots.

      Thanks again.

      Akhil K A

  227. Akhil bro it was working great.
    But now i am facing “Blame the split screen” and gallery, appolo and all other apps are getting forced stop by Blame the split screen
    Please provide the solution quickly.


    1. Hi Shad,

      I’m extremely Sorry for Late Reply.

      If you need any help, please let me know. From today, you will get my reply within few hours.



  228. whats not working list… radio fm? flash camera?

  229. Can I somehow install without recovery because I do not have a system on the phone and not to enter into recovery?

  230. Thanks Akhil
    Sorry that forgot to click the notify so need to repost again

    1. Do you prefer Kitkat or Jelly Bean?
    2. How to I root that Android?
    3. I want to increase its internal memory by the follow tutorial, is it work?


  231. Greetings
    I followed the instructions and installed on my ray, with no problems, but when I go into google play store it crashes alot.
    So its pretty hard to update anything, I also get a lot of google play services crashes which slows down a lot of apps.
    I have allready tried reinstalling the Gapps package, but with no help.
    Have you tried this or heard of it?

    Best regards

  232. Hello Akhil,

    thanks a lot for the great work and the very helpful tutorial!!!

    KK 4.4.2 works very well on my ray! But there seems to be some bugs. Sometimes I get no network. Sometimes there are problems with sms. Sometimes problem with battery.
    My question:
    Is it possible to use a later ROM version from PAC ROMS for the Ray, e.g. “” or at least “” ?

    Ones again thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

  233. Just a big thank you! I tried to install legacy version of kitkat and failed miserably for a week. Then I remembered seeing your post in the google listings. 1 day later my wife’s old Ray has been updated and I can now pair it with android wear and use it for running with!

    Again thank you!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation James. It means a lot to me 🙂

  234. akhil bro i follewe all steps but after advanced>>power off my phone won’t switch on

  235. akhil bro i have followed all steps but after step advanced>>power off my phone won’t turn on

  236. Hi Akhil,

    When I checked the screenshots you posted I noticed that your phone got 470MB internal memory and mine has 420MB only. Will this update eat up a lot of my phone’s internal memory? I’m wondering if I will still be able to install Facebook and FB Messenger since they eat up a lot of megs. Or will it be better for my phone?

    Thanks a lot. You’ve been very helpful.

  237. Hi akhil.. good night..
    I hope you can share tutorial how to upgrade xperia ray to Marshmallow rom

  238. “Requirements:
    1. KitKat 4.4.2 ROM Files And Gapps
    Download KitKat Custom ROM Files From Here (Link Updated On 28/Jun/2014)”

    Now, the link …… error , could you give me the new link !?
    Thanks a lot !

  239. Hi, the download is not working. Please fix it.

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