Sony Xperia Ray Upgraded To KitKat 4.4.2 Complete Review

Xperia Ray and Kitkat 4.4.2

I’m very happy to announce that, my Sony Xperia Ray Is Successfully Upgraded to Android KitKat 4.4.2. After my 38 days of usage and testing of KitKat, I can say that Xperia Ray and KitKat 4.4.2 is a great combination. Recently we have seen How TO Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on Sony Xperia Ray. Most of my readers tested Jelly Bean and they are fully satisfied with that Custom Rom. I’m still getting a high positive response from the users who installed Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on their Sony Xperia Ray smartphone. Thank you so much for your feedback and comments. From my own experience, today I’m going to provide a complete review on “Xperia ray and KitKat 4.4.2 combination”

Xperia ray and KitKat 4.4.2

The latest version of the android operating system, KitKat 4.4.2 is now fully compatible with Sony Xperia ray. I can able to see that, the KitKat can run smoothly on Xperia ray smartphone without any issues like freezing, not responding, compatibility, hardware acceleration etc. On comparing KitKat with android jelly bean 4.1.2, KitKat is highly stable and loaded with so many features. This is a fully stable version and still running smoothly on my device without any issues. So, upgrading Sony Xperia ray to KitKat 4.4.2 is highly recommended.

About KitKat 4.4.2 Custom ROM

This is a custom ROM and it is not an official release from Sony. We all know that the last official android version from sony is 4.0.4

Recommended for reading:

The main attractive features of this custom ROM is, this KitKat 4.4.2 custom ROM is developed by “PAC ROM Developers”. They are the most popular android custom ROM developers. From the name itself, the ROM is developed by the inspiration of PAC-MAN game.

PAC ROMS are highly customizable and fully stable and bug-free Rom. The PAC-MAN ROMS use CYANOGENMOD. So, PAC-ROMS are fully loaded with the complete features of CYANOGENMOD. The Paranoid Android is also used in the PAC-MAN rooms to enable the “hybrid mode” will give total control of your ROM. These exclusive features will supercharge our smartphones. These are the main reason for selecting Pac-Man custom ROM.

Xperia Ray And KitKat 4.4.2 Features:

  • Stable and bug-free.
  • Blazing fast.
  • High performance.
  • High resolution and amazing visual quality.
  • Video recording can be paused.
  • New rounded battery notification.
  • Inbuilt the File Manager.
  • High-speed and optimized Wi-Fi.
  • Improved mobile data connection.
  • Two drop-down notification screens (Rotatable)
  • Lots of new ringtones and notification tones.
  • Inbuilt ‘new’ clock management app.
  • Advanced time zones, based on cities.
  • New white/black dial pad.
  • Automatic ROM update features (From PAC-ROM Developers)
  • 6 screen lock options (Slide, Face Lock, Pattern, Pin, Password, and “Gesture”)
  • Highly customizable home buttons.
  • Inbuilt DSP app (An excellent replacement app for Xloud)
  • Apollo music player.
  • PAC-MAN game 🙂
  • Inbuilt super user app(fully integrated to “settings page”)
  • Colorful and customizable progress bar.
  • Shows download speed while downloading apps from play store in the notification screen.
  • Yahoo weather integrated to the digital clock widget.
  • Highly customizable look-screen.
  • Voice phone dialler.
  • Advanced statistics in call-log.
  • Full control to app privacy.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat Screenshots:

Xperia Ray and KitKat 4.4.2 – List of Apps & Games Tested:

Apps Tested On KitKat 4.4.2

  1. Titanium Backup root
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Beautiful Widgets Pro
  4. SuperSU Pro
  5. Apex Launcher
  6. Aqua Mail Pro
  7. MX Player Pro
  8. Newshunt
  9. Pocket
  10. Poweramp Pro
  11. Private Tasks
  12. Tasker
  13. Timely
  14. Adobe Air
  15. Airdroid
  16. Adobe Reader
  17. Clean Master
  18. Avast Mobile Security

Games Tested On KitKat 4.4.2:

  1. Brain Age Tester
  2. Dhoom 3
  3. Dr.Driving
  4. Falldown 3D
  5. Lazors
  6. Radio Ball 3D
  7. Ski Safari

Are you ready to Install Android KitKat On Your Sony Xperia Ray Smartphone?

Then Read This Tutorial Now: How To Install KitKat 4.4.2 On Sony Xperia Ray

Have a break. Have a KitKat! 🙂

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  1. What about the major issues that exist in SJB 8, like compass shimmering in Gmaps and no way to even toggle flash in camera app, etc? Do they exist in this ROM?

    1. Hi (What is your name?)

      Thanks for your query. All the issues of Jelly Bean is resolved in the KitKat 4.4.2 ROM.

      1. Compass is working fine [Tested]
      2. Flash can be toggled[Tested]
      3. Video can be paused while recording[Tested]

  2. Great. Should try it out soon. Google Maps and navigation was almost unusable in SJB8 because of the compass causing the screen to shake.

    How is the battery life on the Kit Kat ROM? Another issue with SJB8 was that the phone would keep waking up when it should be sleeping. Even the WiFI would keep waking up very frequently (I seldom use mobile data) despite setting it to time in the WiFi policy. Really hope this dosen’t happen in the Kitkat ROM.

    1. Hi.

      The battery is getting good backup time. Wifi issue is also resolved in this ROM [Tested].


  3. .sorry sir ,but why every time I click on complete revew articles there’s no images .just blank ?

    1. Hey Dik.

      I have use a gallery for showing the images. Try these suggestions.

      1. If you are using any popup blocker and reload the page and try again to view the images.

      2. Try different browser.

      3. Did you installed flash on your PC? If not, download the latest version of flash player and install it. Then try again.

      Hope this helps.

      1. .Nigth Sir..
        .thanks a lot for the tutorial, .this My first experiment, and now I already enjoy kitkat inside my xperia ray without any issue..
        .but ..can I creat my own themes for my RAY include change icon ,lock screen .etc..
        please help .I was tired of searching on google for themes creator ..
        .or if there is another way to simply replace icon
        because the factory default icons or icon of any application that we install really boring (sorry)

        1. .Nigth Sir..
          .thanks a lot for the tutorial, .this My first experiment, and now I already enjoy kitkat inside my xperia ray without any issue..
          .but ..can I creat my own themes for my RAY include change icon ,lock screen .etc..
          please help .I was tired of searching on google for themes creator ..
          .or if there is another way to simply replace icon
          because the factory default icons or icon of any application that we install really boring (sorry many questions)

  4. Hi,
    Did camera working well in this because i want Good camera (picture) quality with gadget i have (xperia ray)
    and Is this rom have bravia engin for sony ? If no then please provide

    1. Hi.

      Camera works fine on this version. Sony bravia engine is enabled in this version. But, you can’t disable that. So, there is no settings provided.


  5. Dear Akhil,
    My phone battery will not charge,from USB port or normal charger when the phone is ON,but will start charging when it is turned OFF and thereafter it will charge as normal when it is turned ON.One more doubt how to delete a widget or application icons from home screen?In old ICS there was a delete option to drag and drop it in the ‘trash’.

    1. Hi Joy.

      I’m not getting your issue. Can you please explain?


      1. Dear Akhil,
        When the phone is ON and if we connect the charger to AC mains it will not charge,and if we connect the Micro USB cable to laptop USB port the battery notification will indicate charging, but actually battery will be discharging.If we switch off the phone and connect to AC mains or USB port it will start charging ,so every time I have to switch off the mobile to get the battery charged, once it start charging we can switch on the mobile and it will continue charging.

        1. Hi.

          This is a hardware issue (May be on-board issue). Take your phone to nearest sony service centre.


          1. I found out the problem : Its a bug caused when the USB debugging is disabled . Enable it and you wil have no problem charging the phone 🙂

        2. ya same problem for me also, it started after 10 days. how to solve this charging problem.

          1. Hi.

            Next update is coming. Please be patient.


        3. Try factory reseting

        4. Same here . Started a day after using PACKMAN rom . Its irritating because neither the phone gets charged or is detected by PC for media transfer :/

  6. Hi Boss….

    I installed PACMAN kitkat custom ROM in my Xperia Ray. In that Rom, Radio application is not available.
    How can i install radio app.????

    Can you give me a solution for this problem….??

    I am waiting…..

      1. Hi Akhil,

        Thanks for your reply boss.
        i tried that. But that application is online radio…
        Can you gave offline radio…???

        Thanks and regards,

        1. Hi Grasphy.

          Let me check. Kindly give me some time. I will update you as soon as possible.


          1. ok Boss.

            Take your time…


          2. You are always welcome.


  7. Finally installed this ROM. Was previously using SJB8, so here are some observations:

    Compass seems to be working ok, like you said. Was a serious problem on SJB8

    Flash can be toggled in the camera app. But no auto flash. But at least better than no flash at all on SJB8. It was possible to have auto flash within Vignette in the stock ICS ROM. Hope it works on this ROM (yet to try). Others who want auto flash can try Vignette and please report here if it works. It is one of the best camera apps I’v used.

    Phone seems to sleep better on this ROM. Was an issue on SJB8, where it used to keep waking intermittently. WiFI waking was also an issue. Both used to affect battery.

    The Pacman KitKat ROM has some irritations also –

    The battery percentage font in the status bar as as ugly as it can get. The font does not match with the font used for time, etc. And there does not seem to be any way to change colors of the fonts.

    Not absolutely sure yet, as its been a very short time since I’v started using it, but battery still seems to disappoint. Have changed the Governor, I/O scheduler to SmartassV2, noop. Seems to be better for the battery, but will reserve final comments until I’v used it for a few days.

    Streaming video experience in the stock browser on SJ8 was much better. On this KitKat ROM its somehow not that good. Browser crashes sometimes, and often the video itself does not even begin to play. This may be possibly because of more free RAM on SJB8.

    Overall SJB8 seemed a tad smoother/fluid than this KitKat ROM. However, due to the serious bugs in compass, camera app crashing, no way to turn on flash in camera app, etc., SJB8 was not a viable option for me. With that in mind, this KitKat ROM seems to be quite a viable option.

    1. Hi (What is your name?).

      Thank you for your valuable feedback and truthful review. I really appreciate your helping mentality. By, the way, let me try “Vignette” app on xperia ray.

      I will consider your review in future custom ROM tutorials.

      Thanks again.

  8. hi guys this is great my xperia is very fast but i have some bug for fixed ” I Can’t trun on flash light on Reccording The Video ” is very dificult when im record in the dark
    Please Help me To Resolve this bugs

    1. Hi Thomi.

      It is working fine for me. It may be your hardware issue or you are doing something wrong.

      Just turn on the camera. Then go to video mode. Then click on the options in the display. Click on the “Thunder” button. Turn on the flash.


  9. Hi Akhil,

    I updated my phone 10 days ago following your instructions. I am very happy with the result. The ROM is very smooth and I love all the extra features.
    Concerning your instructions there are two points where I got lost:
    1) I had an error in the flash manager, requesting missing drivers
    2) you did not mention bootlader unlocking. Is probably obvious, but took me some time to figure out.
    Other then those two hickups – easily solved with google – no issues.

    Thanks a lot !

    1. Hello Jaap.

      Sorry for the late reply. University exams going on!

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Did you tried “ES File explorer” ? I’m using that! Have a try. It is awesome.


  10. Wifi issue with this ROM. Give any solution

    1. Hi Dinesh.

      Working fine for me. Looks like this is a minor issue with your configuration. Can you explain the issue?


  11. hello…i just install pac rom…suddenly my handphone sony experia ray goes slow i mean some lagging on application…what happened to my handphone? does im wrongly install the rom? i

    1. Hi Ikhwan.

      This completely depends on the other apps you are running on your xperia ray. Can you give me you app list currently installed and using?


  12. hi, thankyou , i don everything, its looks nice, but i cant see the android market, rotating icon on notification

    1. Hi Akash.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  13. hI AKHIL
    first very thanks for ur effort.

    I am a new bee here i had Eperia Ray ( ST18i ) & like to upgrade soon with ur ROM.
    only some query i have
    1> is it fully functional as like orignal one &
    2> are all preinstalled app(specially sony’s default app, present in this ROM
    3> in some comment i read about radio, Is it missing this ROM

    can you please change the booting screen and animation to some brillient colors this red.

    1. Hi Zibran.

      Sorry for the late reply. I’m on some customizations. You may see some attractive boot animation in the future updates:)


  14. sorry i missed this one Is Home Srceen is rotable to any side i like landscape even if browsing through screens

    1. Hi Zibran.

      Because of some limitation in hardware, It is really hard to do that 🙁


  15. hi your link to file download is not active or broken i cant download it.
    please share alternate link for the same

    Thanks in adv

    1. Hi Zibran.

      Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced. I have updated the link. Please check now. Thank you for notifying me.


  16. hi Akhil,
    I want to thank you and ask, after successfully upgrading to kitkat, I want to partition my SD card (original Sony 4gb SD = 3.6 gb estate), how the composition / ratio of the size of each partition (partition 3), in The second partition if I had to choose ext2 or fat32? whether the linux swap partition 3 to actually increase the RAM capacity?

    1. Hi Dhany.

      I’m totally against for manual partitioning. This will definitely badly affect your motherboard and performance.


  17. Dear Sir,
    I am newbies in this. May I ask, if I install this ROM, will I still get the front light notification for any incoming SMS or miss called like stock GB rom? Thank you.

  18. Hi Akhil. In this ROM bluetooth will work or not? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi.

      Bluetooth is working fine:)


  19. always get an error while using Screenshot below

    1. Hi Upendra.

      Try Apex Launcher. It is awesome.


  20. Thank you Bro for your instructions and links…. I finally installed Kitkat on my Xperia ray… But the problem is that home button is not working….. Any help please…

  21. Hi Akhil,

    First BIG thanks for your post and establishing/maintaining I’m loving your posts as it’s most helpful to me at-least.

    Coming to latest android version on my xperia ray mobile, this new installation kitkat 4.4.2 looks awesome to me, with minor issues.
    It’s much faster and customizable. Best thing I can’t see any extra/unwanted apps in this installation as earlier installations had. Like Facebook, twitter, radio, etc.

    But I feel bad when it hanged 2 times in 2 days. Also only a very few times, I responds damn slow, otherwise I’m damn happy with it’s performance.

    Please suggest me on followings:
    -How can I hide transparent google search bar on wallpaper?
    -How can I see AM/PM with time on top-right?
    -Which apps I can move to SD card, or what should I do to increase free size of ROM as well as RAM?
    -Or any other app (like should I use to get more free ram?
    -Should I update any configuration (e.g. I/O scheduling, CPU scheduling) to increase free momory and performance?
    -Can I update it’s boot animation to look it better, as I seriously hate such animation. Can you please suggest me if I should follow or not? What should be the very first line in file desc.txt? e.g. “480 854 20”

    Rakesh Alhan

  22. Hello, it is possible to use FM radio without internet? And this ROM brings the Spanish language?

    1. Hi Terry.

      FM radio is an exceptional case. Still I’m waiting for an app, to use FM radio on android devices without internet. Yes, it supports Spanish language.


  23. hi Akhil, can we use ART in runtime ?

  24. Hi, I have an Xperia Ray ST18a running original gingerbread. Will I have any downside to running Kitkat 4.4.2 like loss of function or reduced speed or battery life? I am keen to make the change, but do not want any regrets.

  25. Hello,
    when will the update be released?
    and will it support fm radio?
    Thank you very much!

  26. Hi Akhil,
    Is there an FM radio app working?
    also when will the update be released?

  27. hiiii bro 🙂
    I ve installed this amazing rom by ur instructions..almost everything works fine.but i just have a very disappointing problem with the camera.the photo quality is poor and also recording quality is not hd 720p although in the camera settings i chose 720p 🙁
    what can i do?? is it possible that in upcoming updates they fix this problem???

  28. Sir u can help me???sony xperia ray can support a kitkat version???

    1. Hi.

      There is no official release of kitkat for xperia ray!

  29. Hi, I installed a few days ago the CAP ROM, the phone is fine, much faster and customizations are endless.
    Only problem, I can’t answer calls, it sounds but I get nothing in response.
    Just after, I get call does not reply and I can recall.
    How can I fix?

    Hello and thank you for the great job.

    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the delayed replay. Still having the issue?

  30. Hello want to ask if that is only problem for me that 4.4.2 works nice and pready smooth but problems is that on every game it crashes like candy crash (haha crash:D) Evel defender, defenders. that is really anying because with games i try to spend time in train.
    Please i hope there is solution and that is just minor problem that apps some times just randomly crash not only games but most often maybe ram is to small?

  31. greetings akhil!

    i’ve just upgraded my xperia ray from GB to Kitkat today, i followed every instruction you mentioned but my phone stock in loading screen. can you tell what went wrong with my phone? thanks sir.

  32. Thank you for these infos!

    Do you know if the 2nd mic is enabled for the active Noise Cancellation? I couldn’t find a way to enable/disable it nor references to its support by cyanogenmod online.

  33. Is there a lollipop updates for xperia ray?5.0

  34. where’s bravia engine? doesn’t it work?

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